Writing is both an art and a skill to be honed. But how does one do it? The answer to it is going digital! You can be anonymous and yet reach an audience that is oceans beyond! Applications are programs that help you perform specific tasks. Several such applications cater to the needs of a writer. 

In olden times, budding writers would write their story with painstaking precision and read it out on family gatherings or enact it in front of the fireplace, but times have greatly changed, a family gathering is a rare feat and reading out to relatives is even rarer. Moreover, not everyone is comfortable doing so. 

The age of the internet and social networking applications has significantly reduced the problems that were associated with the distribution of a person’s work. Digital media has taken the field of writing to a completely new level. It has become much more seamless and globalized. Writing is a combination of designing and good execution. Of course, proper grammar and spellings are as important too, but a reader is more likely to read what appeals to their eye! The whole adage about “not judging a book by its cover” doesn’t apply much here. 

Here are some apps that have proven to be unique in their ways of nurturing skills:

1. Miraquill-    

Formerly known as Mirakee, Miraquill is a lovely micro-blogging site connecting a global audience. Here, you can showcase your poems, quotes, stories, ideas, emotions and thoughts efficiently. It supports multiple languages provided you have the appropriate keyboard for it. Mirakee is the avenue for putting your words forward; there is no barrier to your reach. Talking of my experience, I did not know how hash-tags worked but Miraquill gave a good enough reach for a newbie like me. The application provides various templates, background images, layouts and fonts so that the writer can choose the best setting for their words to shine. It is a network for poets, writers and readers alike.

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2. Yourquote.in-

Yourquote.in is often dubbed as the most writer-friendly app. It has a 1 million+ user base and is available for use in 14 Indian languages as well. Yourquote.in is an overall writers gem, for all those who prefer mother tongue rather than English to depict their skills. It is the place for you to write shayaris, poems, quotes and stories with multiple language and wallpaper options. Recently it has started the publishing option on the site itself, which helps the writers earn some pocket-money.  So what are you waiting for, it’s time for you to start writing if you haven’t started yet!

3. Writco-

Writco is another such application and is notable for its self-publishing tools. It is garnering a lot of attention in the artists’ sphere owing to the ease of being creative and exploring. Writco has an amazing collection of wallpapers that will resonate with your words. It is lovely for the eyes. Writco regularly hosts writing contests and challenges with rewards. It supports 25 categories and 11 languages. Writco has also enabled a feature where one can listen to the stories or poems. For the sake of uplifting the regional communities, every piece of art is welcome.

4. Medium-

By definition, Medium is a heavy application and not something to just pass time. It is a Rubik’s cube to your brain. Medium is an application that generally caters to the crowd that is fond of newspapers and in-depth research. It currently enjoys a readership of over 12 million writers and readers. 

Medium is the best place for one seeking newer knowledge or inspiration. It is the application for scientists and seekers. I haven’t dared to write something on Medium because, with such an intelligent audience around, one would hate to make an error. But if you love researching then this is it for you. 

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5. Wattpad

Wattpad enjoys a notorious reputation as a place for fandoms, mostly written by teenagers. Nevertheless, it is a beautiful outlet. You can write anything and everything to your heart’s content. I’ve been an avid Wattpad reader. Some of my favourites being The Mischievous Mrs Maxfield, The Storm and Silence series by Rob Their and all work of Ninya Tippett.

Wattpad conducts the Watty’s awards every year. The awards pave the way for monetisation of stories and opening off the road to publication. There are multiple categories and languages in the Watty’s. Isabelle Ronin’s Chasing Red and Always Red is one such Wattpad novel turned published paperback. If you are writing your first story then you can go for Wattpad; no biased judgements, just honesty and opportunities. 

6. Radish-

Radish is an application quite similar to Wattpad and surprisingly, they share common users too. With a whole hot pink colour setting, Radish is pretty flamboyant to the eyes. Most stories on Radish have seasons, the first season is usually free, but the next seasons will require what is known as coins. These coins can be won through their festival giveaways or by purchasing from your bank account. 

Radish has talented stories. It has several categories like paranormal, erotica, sci-fi etc. Unlike Wattpad, Radish enables monetisation of your stories after a particular number of views, votes and likes. So if you think your story is perfect and you have some patience till it adds money to your A/C then Radish is for you. 

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7. Juggernaut-

Juggernaut is an application that helps the writers find both viewer-ship online and creates a way for publishing. Juggernaut can be rightly termed an amalgamation of Wattpad and medium albeit with screening for high-quality content. Juggernaut application often puts up prompts that encourage the seed of writing. It also conducts contests regularly to push the writers for quality and enriching content. A writer isn’t created by just the art of writing; it is a mixture of many things and one of them is the audience. In the digital era, it is particularly easier to get an audience. Your words – your art – your thought – your voice can reach thousands who are miles away in a matter of mere seconds. One should use these platforms to the best of their potential. 

Happy expressing!

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