About Me

The idea of The Blogger Monks struck me casually while I was randomly submitting my writing profile for the tenth time hoping to get selected. It began with a thought, where everyone should have the freedom to express themselves. Where everyone is in a community of writers and thus, helps each other in writing- an anthology series or maybe a hard-to-put-down novel.

I researched a bit and surfed a lot of social media to find out that somehow there are quite a lot of talented writers, without a platform or knowledge of a blog. Yes, it’s inexpensive! But, most of the passionate writers have a little or no knowledge about it. Thus, the dream of converting those talented writers with the tag of authors on the platform of ‘The Blogger Monks’ was created.

Till date, we were able to collaborate with people from the UK, US, France, UAE and even Nepal. Having the opportunity to give a webinar on blogging was the first time when I was more than confident that this dream is going to become a reality.


Making people capable enough of being able to find a job or create their own blog on the day was the underlying hope behind the dream. Thus, we are determined and working with all our heart to make this dream into a reality.

Being a teen, or a pre-adult, I was a bit in dilemma to put a step into the venture of blogging. But thankfully, I was backed up by a team of dedicated friends. They stood by me in all my doubtful situations and thus are equally a backbone of The Blogger Monks.


Thank you to Mohit, Dhairyasheel, Akanksha, and Prathamesh. Also, thank you to all the writers who believed in the platform and thus, in my dream when it was still in scratches. Thank you to Payal, Pooja, Ishita, and Ishwari.

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