There have been such moments in everyone’s life where we wished for more time – to rest, to do pursue your hobbies, to play or to just sleep. Weirdly so, this time has been found in abundance with Covid-19 in the play. 

This is the time of both WFH and quality family discussions. It’s no wonder that everybody is going back to the good old days of ‘monopoly’ and ‘spin the bottle’. Psychologically, it deserves dual purpose of distraction and the revisiting of childhood moments. 

Some of the games that everybody is indulging in are pretty common or simple and yet it seems more new and full of life today. Perhaps because the world outside is out of bounds. Here are the games re-introduced in our lives, read on:


Monopoly has been the ‘most lit’ game of our lives. I don’t know what was so enthralling about it, but it never failed to liven a dull moment. Similarly, the lockdown has us finding our way to it again, the dusty box, and the forgotten dice and those colourful playing pieces. 

The undying attraction towards monopoly today might be because it has us imagining going out to the hotels and estates. Moreover, who doesn’t love such freehand expenditure!

monopoly game

Truth and Dare Game

We all have had a love and hate relationship with this game, for reasons common yet weird. It’s no wonder that every recess or trip had found us playing it. “Truth and Dare” is the ‘spill out the secrets’ game of our teenage time, and I think we all secretly enjoyed spilling the beans. In times of lockdown, it has added the missing excitement and zeal back into action. This time it’s not about owning up to the good or bad or being a stunts-master and fulfilling the dares, this time it’s about revisiting that carefree and self-indulgent time of our lives. It’s about finding the world within the 4 walls along with our closed ones. 

Some of my favourite Truth and dare questions are:

truth and dare game

  1. The act you regret the most?
  2. Also, The person you naughty dream about?
  3. The most embarrassing thing you did in public?
  1. Talk in an accent for the rest of the time!
  2. Dance on the table with a song of the group’s choice!
  3. Act like a baby on the street!

Never Have I Ever Game

Never Have I Ever is a classic game that has had us both embarrassed and thrilled. Also, Never Have I Ever is that game which generally makes you feel like you haven’t experienced much in life, but while we are in lockdown, it has been positive, by showing us all that we are yet to do, making us look forward to the time when the pandemic has passed away.

It’s like the breath of fresh air that we all wish to inhale in a garden rather than from an AC, so if we want to experience that, let’s sit at home and play, and whenever we go out- let’s wear masks.                                   

Never Have I Ever is a drinking game by structure, but it has been modified as to fit for all in the lockdown, for obvious reasons. These days it is mostly played with a cold Dalgona coffee or a chocolate milkshake! 

Personally, Never Have I Ever has made me realize all that I am yet to experience, regardless of how. 

Let me introduce you to some of my favourites.

never have I ever game

Never Have I Ever questions:
  1. Never Have I Ever said no to social stalking an ex
  2. Also, Never Have I Ever stolen from a supermarket
  3. Never Have I Ever failed a test
  4. Then, Never Have I Ever fought with my dad
  5. Never Have I Ever been serenaded 

It is not unknown that the game is the number 1 ice-breaker. 

Would You Rather Game

Would You Rather be the game that makes you ponder what you actually like? It also gives an amazing input to form your bucket-list. The questions and interpretations change as per age. In the lockdown it’ll be like, ‘Would you rather take it slow or march to a mall right away after the pandemic is over?’

Some questions in Would You Rather that I love are-

  1. If you had the access to a time machine, would you rather visit your past or future?
  2. And, Would you rather jump off a mountain or dive into the sea?
  3. Would you rather have the fastest cars or the longest bookcase?
  4. Then, Would you rather live for a thousand years or die the way you wish?
  5. Would you rather eat pizza all your life or not at all?
  6. Also, Would you rather live a rich life or a fulfilled life?
  7. Would you rather go deaf or colour-blind

What if game

What if is the perfect thought-provoking, yet a fun game. It is ideal if you wish to know someone more without being awkward about it. A single question in What If can create a good discussion, and I think we have ample time for that in lockdown. 

Some really good What If questions are:

  1. What if I had no money… Would you still support me?
  2. And, What if you’re locked in a room with me with no water?
  3. What if you have a pet that you don’t like?
  4. Also, What if you could be a famous personality, who would you be?
  5. What if you lose your most treasured memory?


Uno meaning ‘one’ is a game that is currently in rage right now. A multi-player game, uno has been one of the most-played board games in the lockdown. It helps that now Uno can also be played on the mobile even if your friends and family are miles away. 

Quite often than not, people also place bets or rewards in the game to make it more interesting. 

uno game

Many people are resorting to such online games or board exams to spend time joyfully and lose some of the anxiousness. The Covid-19 phase has been stressing and in such times, being with our friends and family, playing games, discussing helps a great deal.

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