Doctors and experts in the medical fraternity have been emphasizing working towards a healthy and balanced life since time unknown. Medical research reports claim that less than 5% of adults participate in a 30-minute workout routine each day, and children/teenagers spend more than seven and a half hours in front of a screen, may it be the television set or games on gaming consoles or mobile phones, and only 35-40% of adults above 75 years of age are physically active. These statistics are a matter of serious concern, given the exponential increase in the spread of COVID 19, all around the world. The ongoing pandemic has forced us to take a pause from our ‘9 to 9’ schedule and prioritize our health over filling up our bank accounts. 

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services claims that a typical American diet exceeds the recommended intake levels or limit in four categories: calories from solid fats and added sugars; refined grains; sodium; and saturated fats. Nutrition marks an important role in maintaining a healthy and balanced life and stabilizing our immune system. Indian Ayurveda has been a boon to the world for ages and has helped heal so many people across the globe. Indian spices and herbs not only add a distinctive lip-smacking flavour to the food but also help in boosting the immune system.

What are the must-have food ingredients to improvise immunity?

Read on to know the list of various ingredients which play a major role in immunity-boosting and flavour enhancement:-

  • Ginger: 

    The master of all immune-boosting ingredients, ginger beholds anti-fungal, anti-cancer, and anti-inflammatory properties. Ginger extensively treats and cures cough and cold, travel sickness, nausea, and arthritis to name some prominently. It can be crushed and consumed with tea leaves in boiling water in the form of ginger tea. Ginger is commonly available in the market and is extensively used in the powdered form along with cloves and cardamom for digestive ailments.

  • Garlic:

    It is one of the most widely used ingredients in food cuisines all across the world. Garlic not only adds a distinctive flavour to the dish but also possesses high medical value. Garlic has anti-oxidant properties and helps in regulating blood pressure levels. It is best when chopped or cut into pieces for enhancing better Vitamin B1 absorption.  

food ingredients to increase immunity

  • Turmeric:

     Turmeric is a distinctive spice of cuisines all across the world. Ayurveda, an Indian traditional medicinal practice confirms turmeric as an effective healing element for chronic pain relief, inflammation, and skin diseases, to name a few. Turmeric powder is available as an alternative supplement in the form of a powder containing capsules, fluids, and extracts.

  • Fenugreek:

     Fenugreek seeds are very common in India and are ‘Meethi ke dane’. They are a famous ingredient in Indian cuisine extensively. In addition, fenugreek seeds aid by lowering blood pressure, reducing cholesterol levels, and also help in controlling appetite. These seeds also act as an immunity booster. They can be consumed after being soaked in water overnight or in a powdered form, mixed with hot water.

  • Basil Leaves: 

    The Basil leaves are usually one of the most medically strong ingredients. They are everywhere, in soaps, medicines, and healing oils which are beneficial for the body. Basil leaves have anti-fungal, anti-microbial, and anti-bacterial properties that act as a safeguard to the body and prevent it from other diseases.

  • Gooseberry:

    Gooseberry, popular as ‘amla’ in Indian cuisine and is a citrus fruit with a lot of variations. The bittersweet fruit has many medical uses and is a rich source of Vitamin C. They can flavour with a pinch of salt and red chilly powder after being thorough cleansing with water. The fruit is a primary ingredient in pickles and various syrups. 

  • Giloy and Brahmi: Giloy and Brahmi are usually consumed in the form of juice or rather in medicinal drugs. These herbs behold a high medicinal value that boosts immunity, memory, and muscle strength. These herbs are from the Ayurveda, the Indian traditional medicinal practice and are trust-worthy remedies as claimed by the Vedas. 
  • Red bell pepper: 

    One of the most preferred pizza toppings in a mixed vegetarian pizza, red bell pepper is surprisingly one of the most important food ingredients to boost immunity. Red bell pepper is a high source of Vitamin C. And it is an enriched source of Beta Carotene, which is again an immunity booster. 

broccoli for boosting immunity

  • Broccoli:

    Broccoli is a vegetable selectively used in various food cuisines worldwide and is enjoyed by different flavouring with distinct spices. It is rich in Vitamin A, C, and E along with fibres which act as antioxidants to the body, to boost the immunity system. Broccoli is the healthiest vegetable you will have on your plate. 

  • Yoghurts:

    Because of the tasty flavour it offers, Yogurts are a choice of people of all ages. Yoghurt without its artificial colours is the purest form of Vitamin D. It is an instant immunity booster to boost our body’s natural defence mechanism. Moreover, yoghurt merges with other ingredients like honey and sugar to have as a midday snack. Clinical trials of different samples of yoghurt are acting as a remedy for COVID 19. 

As the ongoing pandemic has had a seamless effect on global health and economy. People all across the globe are afraid to step out of their houses. Many countries are now aiming at reopening and starting to live a life with the constraints of the ‘new normal’. However, there is an immediate need for people to realize the importance of having a strong immunity system. Many workaholics do not give preference to their health and fail miserably to maintain a sane ‘work-personal life’ balance. It is crucial and mandatory for each individual to plan a workout regime. Take a pause to rejuvenate and to keep ourselves calm and healthy in this insanely hectic lifestyle.

What do you think about these ingredients? Any particular recipe that knocks your head? Tell us in the comments below!


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