It is often said that technology has made the world a smaller place to live in. We have been connecting with so many friends, family members, and well-wishers through these various social networking platforms. We check up on them during this pandemic situation. Isn’t it? As of now, we count ‘Zoom’, ‘Google Meet’ and various other social media platforms in our list of valued virtual meeting platforms! After all, these platforms have supported us in dealing with the ‘new normal’. They are helping us to get okay with it but also are making us adapt to it. I often ponder upon how our life has taken a sudden turn towards this road of uncertainty. The past four months have changed our lives such drastically that many amongst us still struggle to digest the reality.

I still remember those bright shiny days when we used to leave for our schools while some used to snooze the alarm an odd ten times. They were reluctant much to attend the boring college lectures. It was just another normal – tedious – working routine. Suddenly the news channels went ablaze with the terrifying news of the spread of a heinous virus all across the globe. In no less than a week, the government shut down all schools, colleges, offices, and public places. Concurrently we had to bid a farewell to so many people who made our day worth a beautiful smile. This is where we are now. Some locked in with their families, far away from their friends while some, all alone without seeing their families for such long. 

What are ‘Open When’ Letters?

‘Open when’ letters are like soothing companions when you are miles apart from your beloved ones. They can be relatable both – physically and emotionally. ‘Open when’ letters are very cute and can mend a bad day and make an amazing one even more memorable. There’s a certain path one needs to follow to go about these kinds of letters. Let’s discuss them:

  1. Make sure that your loved one doesn’t open the letter until unless and he/she feels the emotion. The beauty of the letter is missing otherwise. Nevertheless, there is always perfect timing for some heartfelt things.
  2. Make sure that these letters are maintained over a secret pact signed between you and your loved one. A pact of keeping them extremely private and not disclosing about them to any other friends or acquaintance. 
  3. Try to come up with innovative and decorative letters which can add up to the feel of the letter. Any little effort is a lot of effort on a bad day! 

We have curated some uncommon ideas for some common ‘open when ‘ letters which you might love picking up!

open when letter ideas

  • Open when letters for your loved ones: 

Open when letters for your loved ones do not need an occasion. You should make ‘open when’ letters for extremely casual moments of the day in order to keep the ear to ear smile of your loved ones intact on their faces. You can make ‘open when leaving for work’, ‘open when you are about to skip your workout’, ‘open when you are procrastinating’, ‘open when you cannot sleep peacefully’, ‘open when you miss me’, ‘open when you someone screams at you in office/college’, ‘open when you feel unappreciated’, ‘open when you wake up in the middle of a night after a scary dream’, and the list can go on! It is all how you want to make your loved ones feel your presence in your absence. 

  • Open when letters for your love:

Anything you do for your significant other will always be the best they have ever received because it has the emotion and the fragrance of your relationship in it. Hence, you should pour your heart out and write down whatever you feel. ‘Open when we fight’, ‘open when we miss out on a movie date due to work commitments’. Also, ‘Open when you feel I don’t trust you’, ‘Open when you are nervous before a tricky presentation’,

‘Open when you see something scary’. There are ‘Open when you did not feel like it yet managed to survive the day’, ‘Open when you don’t wish to talk with anyone(even with me)’, ‘Open when you get flattened by someone’s charm’. Moreover, ‘Open when you are coming down and feeling week’, ‘Open when injustice is done with your favourite character in a series’, and ‘Open when you think I am keeping a secret from you’, to name a few are a must-try. 

  • Open when letters for sadness:

For the days when each fleeting moment feels like a burden, here is a little something you can do for your loved ones. ‘Open when you want to cry like a baby’, ‘Open when you feel empty from within’, ‘Open when you wish to hug me tightly’, ‘Open when you think you cannot do it anymore’, ‘open when you feel like sitting in a corner, unnoticed’, ‘open when you cannot meet your deadline’, ‘open when you feel like nobody is listening to you’, and ‘Open when you feel tomorrow is going to the same’ are some letters through which you can be there for your special ones, despite physically not being present. 

open when letter ideas

  • Open when letters for depression:

Disclaimer: Sadness and depression are not the same. Nobody without a professional license of a therapist is entitled to treat a patient diagnosed with clinical depression. All we can do is, support our loved ones as they get themselves treated. The journey to feeling all ‘okay’ is going to be difficult for your loved one, but it does get better! ‘Open when you don’t feel like leaving bed’, ‘Open when you are tired of faking a smile’, ‘Open when you don’t feel like eating’.

‘Open when you feel nothing at all’. ‘Open when you feel hopeless’, ‘Open when thoughts about life and death start creeping in your mind’. ‘Open you don’t enjoy what you love doing’. Also, ‘Open when you are willing to skip your medicines’, ‘Open when you feel lonely’. ‘Open when you feel frustrated’, ‘open when you feel guilty’. Additionally, ‘Open when you don’t find a reason to be happy with yourself’, and ‘open when you need me’. Make sure you always be there for them. 

  • Open when letters for thanking:

Here is a chance to spread gratitude and love with a little creativity! ‘Open when I say thank you for taking out time to talk with me today’. ‘Open when I say thank you for sharing your favourite chocolate with me’. Also, ‘Open when I say thank you for walking me home’, ‘open when I say thank you for covering up for me when I reach office/college/school late’. Moreover, ‘Open when I say thank you for uploading decent pictures of mine on your story’, ‘Open when I say thank you for asking about my day’, and ‘Open when I say thank you for existing’ 

  • Open when letters for birthdays:

Can we skip birthdays so easily? So here are some crazy ideas for birthday open when cards. ‘Open when you cut the cake’, ‘Open when it is 12:01 a.m. in your clock’, ‘Open when you open my gift’, ‘open when we are done with our video call’, ‘open when your crush wishes you’, ‘open when your ex wishes you’, ‘open when your parents wish you’.

‘Open when you choose your outfit’, ‘open when the person who you expected to did not wish’, ‘open when you plan something for yourself’, ‘open when you think you have no clue how to make this day special’ and,’ open when you are about to go bed’. We hope these creative ideas for ‘open when letters’ will make your loved ones feel your presence in some or the other way. Every bond is special in its way and in the end; it is all about calling it a day with a smile in the company of your chosen ones!

open when letter ideas when


Letters never fail to appeal to me! I love the way we unfold emotions beholden in that piece of paper. I love how just a small piece of paper provides the warmth of a hug and the calmness of personal security. The mobile screen can neither replace this warmth nor can it comfort a soul the way a letter does. Long-distance relationships and friendships back then were over letters and maybe that could be a possible reason for their purity. Emotions are really great without emoticons. The wait for that one letter is worth every word one wrote.



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    This blog is an open letter to all the emotions that one can have and feel at various points in their own lives
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