Unexpressed love always finds a way to the surface. Everyone we meet nowadays is dating in search of true love and forever lasting relation. But it isn’t easy to go about. If you are a woman dating a new guy, you are probably hoping for some godly signals that tell you if he is the right one. Don’t worry ladies! Your wishes will come true after you learn how to spot the Signs a Man is Falling for You.

First of all, if you are on the searching side then probably you are anxious! Don’t be!

You are well aware of your feelings but to know what he feels for you, you don’t want to invest your time and energy. You won’t as well like getting heartbroken by a person who you are not on the same page with. Would you?

So below are a few signs that will help you decide if a man is falling for you.

Gazing eye: 

Eyes are a mirror to one’s heart. If you ever catch a guy giving you those long deep stares, you have got an admirer!

His body tells you everything about his feelings: 

Psychologists say that our body shows attraction towards the person we are attracted to. In simpler words, feet direction is more likely a subconscious choice due to their distance from the brain. If his feet are usually facing you, then it is an indication that he is thinking of you.

Be prepared to answer personal questions when you are alone:

The easiest way for a guy to sustain a conversation is by asking questions. Moreover, this shows that he is dying to get to know you better. He does signal for a never-ending convo. He would try asking you some personal questions that would kick in when you are alone. Also, this allows him to show you how much you mean to him.

He is left feeling awe due to your uniqueness:

Popularly known as the honeymoon phase, one just can’t stop admiring his partner; you see the best in them and drop all judgments. When a man falls for you, he accepts all your flaws unconditionally. He might do this by adopting your interests, hobbies and even your behaviour or might start seeing you in a way you might never see yourself.

signs he is falling in love with you

You and I are not in his dictionary, it’s always us or we:

Boys are very particular about the diction they use for girls. If a girl is just a fling, a guy will always say ‘you’ and ‘I’ but if you start hearing ‘we’ or ‘us’ then you know that he is hooked.

There is a lot of future planning:

Using we and us in your conversations is the first level. The next level is including you in every plan he makes. May it be hiking with friends, dinner night or movie or even something as small as grocery shopping on the weekends. He will make plans with you and around you.

He is willing to travel distances for you: 

Have you ever felt low or have been on the verge of crying and found him sitting right by your side lending his shoulder and trying to cheer you up? Then you surely know what this means.

Checking in on you becomes his routine: 

Calling and texting you becomes a part of his daily routine. He needs to know what you are up to or who you are with or else his insecurities kick in.

Compliments become a part of his daily conversations: 

Oh my love is like a red, red rose.”  Just like Robert Burns was head over heels in love with his muse, similarly, you always leave him awestruck in whatever attire you are wearing! Be it your glamorous outfits or dorky pyjamas, he feels a sudden urge to shower you with compliments and mushy phrases.

Suddenly you become his priority: 

Remember how once upon a time, work and family used to be his highest priorities? But now, when he is falling for you, he can’t help but keep you above anyone and anything else.

signs a man in falling in love with you

He calls you just because he wants to hear your voice: 

There comes a time when you are the centre of his universe and he finds it an urge to call you up every now and then, only to hear your voice! That’s because he simply misses you – day in – day out.

To make you smile is his ultimate goal at the end of the day: 

It might sound cliché, but your pearly white smile is like sunshine to his wandering soul. It is indeed enough to brighten his entire day. Now, you can imagine how happy he will feel when he is the reason behind your beautiful smile. Trust me, you will find him dancing on the ninth cloud.

He would be aware and considerate of your emotions: 

If he is falling for you deeply, he would focus on you, listen to your words attentively and do things for you without you asking for it. If he finds it to be the grossest thing in the world, he’ll make sure that he does it for you.

He starts revealing to you, his true self: 

You may call it a stereotype, but it’s true. A guy never opens up easily to anyone until and unless he is confident about his feelings for you and knows that you will be by his side; come what may.

Investment in your relationship is his new motto: 

Don’t get me wrong because of my use of the word ‘investment’. Investment here does not mean materialistic investment, instead, it refers to emotional investment which means that your guy wants to put his time and efforts to make the relationship work out. Accordingly, he can go to any extent! Be it taking you for shopping to make you feel happy or accepting his mistake even if it is not his fault (trust me, guys don’t like doing it often).

signs he is in love with you

He lets you in on his biggest fears and desires:

Just like opening up and sharing feelings isn’t easy; guys are never comfortable in letting out their weaknesses, fears and desires as well. You never know, maybe losing you is his biggest fear!

He picks up on your habits and even vocabulary: 

When we spend too much time with our loved ones, we tend to adopt their habits and start behaving like them. Just like that, a guy starts using your vocabulary, emoticons and also starts behaving like you. For instance, he would start sitting the way you sit, stand, eat, read etc, so you gotta keep your eyes open for such moments and you will know how deeply your guy is falling for you.

Is your known one behaving similarly with you? Relating to the article enough? Then it is somewhat certain that he has fallen for you. Go ahead and ask him out. You’ll not get anyone as precious as him!

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