Castles have been an irreplaceable part of our Fantasy world. We have been given an idea of the days when prince and princesses, kings and kingdoms existed. Though we never came across any such magical experience, we have believed in it. Often did I wonder of visiting some castle and living that experience, and my virtual trip to France bestowed upon me, this wonderful and one in a kind experience of learning and knowing the life of my imaginary fantasy characters. Let’s discuss the Castle of Brissac in detail.


The Castle of Brissac was built in the 11th century by the counts of Anjou. Later in the 15th century, it was rebuilt and remodelled by Pierre de Breeze, who was a wealthy chief minister during that time. Later, in 1589, it became Henry of Navarre’s possession; a protestant leader. Soon, “Charles II de Cisse”, a close friend of Henry became the king of France. Owing which, the castle property was transferred from Henry to Charles. Surprisingly, it was again rebuilt in 1611. As a result of so many constructions, it became the tallest building in France. Charles went on to be titled as the Duke of Brissac by Henry. Finally, this property was carried by the descendants of Dukes of Brissac. Originally, it was called ‘Château de Brissac’, and is still owned by the descendants of Dukes of Brissac only.

Architecture and Popularity:

This castle stands 7 storeys high and consists of 104 rooms; undoubtedly making it the tallest building in France. Many tourists visit this place every year. The best part of all is that staying in the castle (overnight) is also allowed. The castle is situated in the Lorre Valley of France, and was used for the celebration of Brazilian magazine “Cara’s”. One of the most famous festivals, called Val de Lorre festival celebrations takes place over here. It was also given for the Battle of Iron Chef France in the 1990s. It is filled with mind-blowing gold leaf ceilings, and one can encounter a lot of beautiful furniture and paintings in there.

castle of brissac haunted


This castle is believed to be haunted by a ghost named “Green Lady” or “La Dame Verte”. Her original name was Charlotte De Breze. She was the illegitimate child of King Charles VII and his mistress named Agnes Sorel, and was married to a man named “Jacques de Breze”. Many people say that their marriage didn’t happen according to their will and interest but, more with the influence of the political world. Her husband was a hunting enthusiast. One day, when he returned from the hunting expedition, he found Charlotte and her boyfriend red-handed. He killed both of them in rage and anger.

As far as the rumours go, Charlotte’s spirit still haunts that place in a green gown. Hence, her spirit is called “Green Lady”. Her spirit could mostly be traced in the tower room of the chapel. Most of the sources tell that her spirit face looks like a corpse. The visitors are indeed frightened of her presence.


Most of the people come to this castle; but, only during the daytime. Some are so frightened that they don’t even enter the tower room of the chapel.

Live a Life – King Size!

So true! What if you weren’t a part of the history and what if you aren’t a part of the fantasy, what matters is how you live it. Today, we have the possible resources to make ourselves experience our imaginations. When you have such awesome structures available in practical, the why crave over those imaginations? Rather, get travelling and visit those places and live life to the fullest.

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