Zermatt belongs to the district of Visp in Switzerland, Europe and has a total population of about 5,800. The office of Swiss federal statistics considered and classified it as a town. It has at an elevation of about 1,608 meters from the main sea level. Zermatt turned out to be a ski-resort and a mountaineering spot 1865 onwards.

Prior to that, it found use only for the agricultural purpose. A majority of the economy of the village depends on tourism only. It is one of the best tourist spots in the world. One should go and enjoy nature’s beauty over here. As the facts go, Walt Disney’s film ‘Third man on the mountain’ – 1959 took this place as a shoot location.

History of Zermatt:

Various names were assigned to Zermatt earlier. People used to call it as ‘Zur matte’, ‘Praborno’ or ‘Prato Borno’. Zermatt appeared in the middle of the 1500s and the name ‘preborn’ was used until 1860 by the roman speaking people of Canton Wallis. Later the German-speaking people replaced them and renamed it as ‘Zermatt’, where ‘matt’ means valley in the German language

To prevent air pollution the entire place is made a car-free zone. So, one can say that Zermatt is a fresh and healthy place. Fuel run cars and other similar vehicles are strictly prohibited here. One can spot the battery run electrical ones easily. You can even see the horse riders and cobbled streets over here.

People and their lifestyle:

Zermatt has a huge amount of German-speaking crowd. Along with that, English is a common language as well. It is home to just 5 Doctors, 1 Dentist and 4 Pharmacists. Surprisingly, there are ambulance facilities and police security is also provided for all the localities as well as the tourists. A 24 hours safety and complete security are available at Zermatt.

Furthermore, one can also call helicopters via the helpline ‘1414’ if stuck at the peak of the mountains or hills. Zermatt is best known for skiing, mountaineering and hiking and has 29 mountains in total. Moreover, it has the highest ski lift in Europe and is the largest summer hiking and longest winter and open hiking spot in Europe.

zermatt mountain switzerland

About the landscape:

Zermatt town is present at the southern part of the Matter valley and is surrounded by the mountains completely. It consists of many high peaks like Dom, Liskamm, Weinhorn, Matterhorn and so on. One can encounter a church in the centre of Zermatt. With an area of about 242.91km², 85.2% of the land is unproductive, 9.4% contributes to agriculture and only 4.6% makes up the forested land. Rest of the land is in use for human settlement.

Best places to visit in Zermatt

1) The Matterhorn

The Matterhorn is a Sharp Pyramid – Mountain in Zermatt. One can spend hours together to enjoy the scenic beauty of these mountains. Moreover, this place isn’t seasonal; rather, it gives a year-round appeal to tourists all over the world. In 1865, Edward Whimper and his 7 team members climbed this 4,478-meter high peak. Four of his British Team Members fell off and became prey to the mountain in the process. This mountain is so risky that only mountaineering professionals can climb it.

2) The Gornergrat Railway

The Gornergrat Railway is the highest mountain railway in Europe. Even after having an elevation of 2,582 meters, one can find restaurants and hotels along the railroad.

3) Hinterdorf

Hinterdorf is a Warren of wooden chairs and barns in the form of storehouses. They have a wood and stones making. As a result, the buildings can easily withstand the snow. Tourists love enjoying the warmth over here!

zermatt mountain switzerland

4) Sunnegga

Sunnegga – a Sun Terrace has an altitude of 2,289 meters. It has many good restaurants and crystal clear water of the Leisee. There is also a watching station for seeing different fur animals from the top of the Zermatt. In addition to that, there are a few adventure parks like Wolli, which is non-threatening ski experience.

5) Matterhorn Museum

Matterhorn Museum is a cultural museum where one can explore the history, know the map and learn about the hidden beauty of Zermatt at its library. The library provides all the necessary resources that tell about the illustration of the beautiful mountain life, and its past, right from the Neolithic age. The main theme of this place is to tell about the history and development of Zermatt.

6) Other fascinating places in Zermatt

Other places in Zermatt include Kleines Matterhorn which consists of a cableway from Forging to Schwarzec, which is an alpine lake. It also contains a restaurant and Gorner Gorge, where one can see waterfalls. Moreover, so many other attractions like the Theodul Glacier, Doven Glacier Garden, and the English Church.

7) Some Famous Hotels of Zermatt

There are many luxury hotels like Hotel Firefly which has a Spa, Sauna, Gymnasium and also an indoor pool. Some mid-range hotels like Hotel Believe are very famous for their tasty breakfast and spa facility. Likewise, Bella Vista Hotel and some Low – Cost hotels like Hotel Bahnhof, are also famous for their views of Zermatt.

This was some of the most mesmerizing features of Zermatt. So are you planning to put it on your next bucket-list post-pandemic? If not, then maybe you need to read it again and correct your decision. Let us know what did you think about this article in the comment section below.

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