What is the weirdest list of different types of philias and phobias that you’ve come across? All the phobias and philias are the very ends of a straight line. It is impervious to mention that fear is interchangeably used for hate or dislike. 

The list of phobias and philias sounds like philosophy but is an integral part of the English language. And here comes the beauty of it, it provides you words that are a substitute for a whole feeling towards a particular something or someone. Given below are the different types of philias and phobias you didn’t know.

The history behind the concept of types of philias and phobias:

The root word ‘philia’ is a French word developed from the Medieval Latin word, which means loving or loving something. It is interesting to note that the term philia can be used as a prefix and a suffix.

A ‘logophile’ is a person who has a fondness for or is a lover of words.’ A person who loves languages and the numerous kinds of words is a ‘linguaphile.’ A ‘bibliophile’ is a person who has intense adoration for reading books and in many cases also feels a liking towards collecting books. 

The root word ‘phobia’ means one who dreads or fears or has dislikes, and the word is an amalgamation of the French word and the Latin word. The root word is often used to define someone who has a fear for something. For example, a claustrophobe is a person who has claustrophobia, i.e., fear of enclosed spaces.

Different types pf philias and phobias- the best list of all!

The diaspora’s vocabulary in concern with philia and phobia words is minimal, to the extent of being an ailurophile or a cynophile.

To a language and literature enthusiast, it is essential to know some of these words, as they often come in handy. 

So are you ready to become a lexophile?

Ten philia words that are rarely used:

These are some of the rarely used, but fascinating list of philia words are given below:

  1.  An oenophile is a person who loves wines.
  2.  A chrysophile is a person who loves all things sparkly.
  3.  An opacarophile is a person who adores sunsets.
  4.  A pistoriophile loves baked goods.  
  5.  Any person who doesn’t stay still and finds zillion ways to be productive are ergophiles.
  6.  A clinophile is the one who enjoys sleeping more than anything else.
  7.  A person with extreme adoration for artifacts and past relics is a retrophile.
  8.  An autophile is a person who is fond of solitude.
  9.  Coimetrophile is a person who adores the cemetery.
  10.  A hippophile is a person who loves horses.

Words that end with the root word ‘phobia’ are more or less associated with a constant fear of something or someone.

Scarcely used and found different types of phobias:

  1.  A person who detests or is afraid of bathing is ablutophobe.
  2.  A nomophobe is a person afraid of being without mobile coverage.
  3.  An athazagoraphobia is a fear of forgetting by someone.
  4.  A hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobe is a person scared of long words, ironically.
  5.  An eremophobe is a person who is afraid of isolated or inhabited places.
  6.  Coulrophobia is a continuous fear of clowns.
  7.  An atelophobe is someone afraid of not being good enough.
  8.  An anthrophobe fears people and society.
  9.  Lyssophobia is the fear of going insane or mad.
  10.  A somniphobic person is afraid of falling asleep.

Different types of philias and phobias that are hard to digest but true:

Not everybody is a lover of languages or arts, but some are indeed afraid of literary some-things.

  1.  A bibliophobe is a term for someone afraid of books!
  2.  Sopophobia is the fear of knowledge or learning.
  3.  A graphophobe is someone who expresses fear about writing or handwriting.
  4.  Papyrophobia is extreme and continuous hatred or fear for paper.
  5.  A mythophobe is someone who fears myths or stories.
  6.  A hemophobe is someone who fears blood and blood-related concepts.
  7.  An astraphobic person is the one who fears the occurrences of lightning or thunder.
  8.  The weirdest one that we’ve ever come across is somniphobia, and it is someone scared of falling asleep. Somehow metaphoric to an insomniac.
  9.  A person is having Xenophobia if he is afraid or despises aliens. 
  10.  Oikophobia is a fear of being at home or in a familiar environment. This is when a person seems most discomfort while being at their own home.
  11. A trypophobic person is someone who suddenly distresses on stumbling upon weird patterns of small holes or bumps.

List of ten philias for nature lovers:

Many amongst us love nature in all its bounties, and there are the most enchanting terms for them. Apart from ailurophiles and cynophiles, there are several other terms for the nature buddy in us. Read the list of nature philias from our different types of philias and phobias.

  1.  An ornithophile is a bird-lover. Also, ornithology is a dedicated field of study of birds.
  2.  An ophiophile is a person who loves snakes and such slithering reptiles. 
  3.  A dendrophile is a forest-lover.
  4.  A heliophile is a lover of the sun.
  5.  A pluviophile loves rain.
  6.  A ceraunophile loves lightning and thunder.
  7.  A chionophile adores cold weather and snow.
  8.  An orophile loves the rugged mountains. Whereas, if you’re a beach person, then you are termed as a thalassophile person. It is when you have an unexplainable affinity towards oceans and vast water bodies. 
  9.  A nephophile adores clouds.
  10.  A selenophile loves the moon. Whereas, if you’re a person who adores the dusks, then probably you’re eligible as an opacarophile

Towards the conclusion

So these were all the exclusive list of different types of philias and phobias we had for you. Extensively used in fiction literature pieces such as poems and novels, these words seem very curiosity triggering.

Although having specific phobias types can’t be considered a particular mental disorder, and one must find a solution if it distresses you over a tolerable limit. 

Can you identify what your specific fear or affinity towards something is? We hope we could uplift your vocabulary so that when someone asks you about your likes or dislikes, you can pick up the exact word through this list of phobias and philias. 

Which one did you best relate with? Or is there any specific type of philia and phobia that we missed? Let us know in the comments.

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