We all know the importance of mental health, but we often ignore the realization of our degrading mental health. The global pandemic has made the realization of these words in a completely different way. At a time, when people were deprived of socialization and that their freedom of movement refrained; they realized the importance of mental health during the lockdown. 

In our day to day life, we generally ignore things like self-care, happiness, relationships, affection, peace, etc. and that becomes the major reason behind the deterioration of mental health. 

Despite Mental health awareness programs, mental health day, mental health awareness month, etc. we have always ignored the necessity to understand what hides the state of our mind.  

The lockdown period has made it a mandatory realization; this is the time when we are away from every distraction and near to family and self. We have the time to take care of ourselves and most importantly to think about our life, our actions and the corresponding reactions. Being close to our loved ones makes us happy and gives us a feeling of contentment.


Being in isolation and away from entertainment, outing, and social life for this long has disturbed the routined life, and this disturbance has negatively affected our Mental Health as well. If we talk about quarantine and isolation in the lockdown, it is necessary to understand how you can maintain stable mental health with optimistic insights. 

Here are some points to be followed:

Mental fitness activities

Just like our body requires physical activities to stay fit, our mind also requires engaging activities for better functioning. Combating mental health during the lockdown shall be our foremost priority. Restriction of regular activities has affected our mental fitness. So, how do we go about it?

Well, the answer is listed below:

  • Farming: Isn’t it a satisfying experience to reap what you sow? Yes, it is indeed amazing to watch life grow. It is a way of engaging your mind by engulfing nature and its beauty.
  • Taking care: Surrounded by entertainment we often forget to take care of oneself, and this can be a mindfulness act when cared properly.
  • Clean: Clean those spaces! There are dusty, stinky corners in your house as well as the body which you never touched before.
  • Meditation: Connect your body to your soul. Practice it once, and you will get a lifelong addiction! Meditation is an essential technique for keeping one’s mental health stable. Connect with yourself and feel the contentment you’ve missed throughout your life.
  • Journaling: Try journaling your prayers, for instance, keep a record of what God fulfils and what is left behind. Prepare yourself for life withholding a peaceful self in your hand.
  • Reading: Inhabiting yourself into reading will make you a good listener. If you talk much, try listening to others as well.
  • Declutter: Start from your room and end it only when you have released all the clutter in and out of your body!
  • Play with your folks: Talk to them, entertain them: that’s the only thing that makes their heart healthier and merrier.

how to keep mental health in lockdown

Mental health day

Observed on the 10th of October, Mental Health day is an initiative of The World Federation for Mental Health. It is observed globally as a day of spreading awareness and advocacy against social stigma. 

Mental health should never be considered wrong, it is much more necessary and impactful than physical health. People have felt the importance of mental health during the lockdown. And mental health quotes, stories, and videos have been very helpful for the entire human race at large.

Mental health awareness month

Mental Health is unfortunately considered as the stigma around the world, but countries like America have grown to accept this seriousness and have taken huge steps like forming federations and associations. They work in support of those having unstable mental health and issues in regaining mental peace. Be it work or personal anxiety issues, everything matters. The said month intends to spread awareness regarding mental well-being and also the importance of taking action if needed. Around 450M people in the world, suffer from mental illness and are unaware of help in these severe conditions.

Mental health quotes

Quotes have always worked subconsciously in regaining confidence and metal stability through self-motivation and inspiration. There are loads of mental health quotes available online. One should understand and take them seriously. 

Some of my favourites are listed below:

  • “It is said that mental health is not a destination, but a process. It’s about how you drive, and not where you’re going.” 

– Noam Shpancer, PhD

  • “The only journey is the journey within.”

 – Rainer Maria Rilke

  • “Unless we start being honest about our pain, our anger, and our shortcomings instead of pretending they don’t exist, we’ll leave the world a better place than we found it.” 

– Russell Wilson

characteristics of depression

Characteristics of a mentally healthy person 

Being normal is not a characteristic of a mentally healthy person. Similarly smiling and laughing are not enough to know about a person’s wellbeing. Physical stress and injury can be seen, but mental issues are invisible. We should always heed to a person’s intention if we care for their wellness. Observing mental health month or perhaps day isn’t enough. 

Mentally healthy people: 

  • Always care for everyone surrounding him/her
  • Are the source of peace and contentment for others
  • They are more satisfied with relationships and life situations
  • Are more accepting by nature
  • Also, they are not overwhelmed by emotions such as sadness, anger, anxiety, or crying.
  • Stay happy and keep others happy as well
  • Often talk about peace and contentment
  • Are generally near to spirituality and are believers of the faith.
  • Are a gem for humanity
  • Showcase kindness and love for everyone around them
  • Have a sense of empathy.

There is nothing to hide or shy away from. If you are unhappy or feeling stressed, the best way to get rid of mental issues is to share your feelings, if not to someone then to a piece of paper; writing, expressing and verbal sharing are the best healers one can rely on. Speak for yourself and speak to share and spread love. 

Be Happy! Enchant satisfaction coming from every smallest thing. Believe me, it makes a huge impact on your mind.


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    True words.
    Loved to read this
    You wrote real things happening with people in this time.
    All the best 😊

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    “Enchant satisfaction”- it’s bit less practical anyway but yes… If u go for it, you will get it…

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      Very practical…people shoul start focusing on this now

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    You deserve thanks for your commitment to bringing the public such vital information.

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