We humans, behold different ideologies and points of view on anything and everything going around in society and across the globe. These ideologies and opinions, restrict us many times from bonding with a particular group of individuals and we end up handing out and sticking around our ‘like-minded’ “squad” (no better word to substitute this amazingly cool millennial lingo, which also, makes up to my list of favourites!). Human beings are extremely complex and are nothing less tough than quantum physics. But there is one thing that brings us all together. That thing which we need not only to satisfy our humongous appetite but also to uplift our soul and heart. We know you’ve guessed it from the title, didn’t you?  

The food industry across the globe is always up to inventing something out of the box for us to experience. The food geniuses leave us flattered with their inventions and creativity. Cooking is an art and curating something with the most unusual spices and ingredients that are both, edible and enjoyable is a tough task. 

weird japanese foods

This article aims at enlightening all the foodies with a list of the weirdest dishes available globally. Trying these out will indeed be an adventure in itself. The research for this article made me take trips to the washbasin quite a few times but yours truly has eliminated those dishes to present to you a list of a variety of weird food dishes that are worth your shot! 


Salo is a Ukrainian national delegacy with high food nutrition value. The name is hugely mistaken for hard sheep’s cheese and not white pork fat! Cooked with a dash of garlic, onion, and some tangy pickles with minimal or absolute no use of food colour, Salo is indeed a lip-smacking dish that will leave your tastebuds amazed like never. It also has a considerably washed down shot of vodka to add a distinctive flavour to the dish. 


Shirako hails from Japan which is made out of fish semen! Read it once, read it a hundred times! Served with rice and fried in either tempura batter or custard for flavour, Shikaro seems to be a gross dish but it actually has a pleasant texture and looks no less than white sauce pasta and is hugely enjoyed by tourists in Japan. The reason for the weirdness of this dish is quite obvious! 

A guilty pleasure, sometimes a habitual one, delicious food never fails to make up for a bad day or make an amazing one worth every fleeting moment. Travelling to unique places is such a common ‘favourite’. Isn’t it? Being an avid traveller myself, I feel that travelling to different places just does not feel the same without the mind-blowing traditional food recipes. Food depicts the culture of a destination in its own way.

Imagine travelling to Kolkata and not having those soothing Rasogullas, or travelling all the way to Japan and not having the delightful Shushi! 

A trip worth nothing. Isn’t it?  


Haggis is a crumbly sausage that originates from Scotland. It is made out of sheep liver meat and has a very distinct flavour with a sautés of peppery taste and garlic, onions to add up a few eminent spices. It is typically served with mashed potatoes without the addition of food colour. The dish is washed down with a shot of your favourite batch of whiskey as per your preference. Sheep rear wool and hence very few people know if it falls in the list of consumable animal meat or not.  

weird foods of the world

Pickled Eggs

Pickles are a classic example of food preservation not only in the food industry but also in households. Up next in our weird food basket, we have, pickled eggs which are hard-boiled eggs. These are specially cured in vinegar, salt, and various other seasonings to enjoy a variety of the same. Pickled eggs usually do not go well with sophisticated foodies but are enjoyed majorly with drinks, especially in bars! 

Rocky Mountain Oysters

There has to be a trick food fusion in the list to add up to the weirdness of the list of dishes. This particular food name deceives the foodies across the globe, especially oyster lovers. Rocky Mountain oysters are very popularly called prairie oysters in Canada. It is a dish made extensively out of bull testicles! The meat is usually deep-fried as all other meatballs are post being nicely coated in cornflour, pepper, salt, and some spices to form a delicious coating. These meatballs are weirdly deceptive to all foodies yet are quite popular snacks in Canada. 


The dish – as difficult it seems to read or rather pronounce is way better to cook and store. It originates from Mexico and is corn fungus. Corn fungus is usually thrown away by many farmers in different countries. But the Mexicans have their way of enjoying it. It is a soft fungus and hence can be preserved very easily. Many dishes are prepared using Huitlacoche as the earthy flavour it beholds can act as a distinct base for various sauces. Huitlacoche complements chicken and beef beautifully.

weird japanese food

Stargazy Pie

The next up in our food cart is the famous Stargazy Pie from England. Baked with a twist; it involves eggs and potatoes while being covered by a sweet pastry crust. Pies can be prepared using egg as the primary element. But this pie is high on food nutrition and is quite famous in England. The fish used in the pie are of different types and the overall appearance and food fusion mark the dish’s place in the list. 

Experimentation is the key element of exploring. One who is up for the most absurd experiments is a true explorer. We all are locked up in our comfort zone and love to stick to our ‘usual’. We should challenge ourselves to do things which we are opposite to our ‘usual’. To treat your taste buds with a thrilling roller coaster ride, you must try making your food cart as interesting as possible. 


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