Do you love to read and write stories? If yes, then you can be at the driving seat of your career. Want to know how? Just tight your seat belts because today, in this article, I will compile some exciting and genuine ways to earn money by writing stories from home. These methods are based on my own experience earning money by writing, so let’s get started.

If you have ever written stories and thought to earn money by writing your stories, you might have stuck to only one idea: novel publishing, and sometimes it becomes very frustrating if you may not find the right publisher at the right time. But now, in today’s era of the internet, everything we want is just with a single click. Now many platforms are available online that pays you for your writings. It can be anything like short stories, fiction, novels, personal essays, poetry, etc.

But let me be honest with you that earning money by writing won’t happen immediately. As per my writing experience, the more you will be able to connect with your reader’s heart, the faster you will be able to establish your career in writing. Before heading towards methods of earning money at home by writing, I want to share some tips that you should keep in mind while starting your online earning journey.

  • Be creative while you write.
  • Always be focused on your storyline.
  • Be good at research.
  • Get speaking gigs.
  • Ponder beyond your genre box.

Here are the top 10 platforms that pay you to write fiction and to publish them online

 Kindle direct publishing (KDP)

Kindle direct publishing is an excellent platform powered by Amazon where you can easily self-publish your stories and start making money from your home. What makes it best for Amazon Kindle is that it surpasses the whole lengthy process of traditional publishing. You don’t have to find an agent or publisher then get a good deal which sometimes takes few months or a year.

You wonder, after knowing it, that over 90 million Americans are prime members of amazon kindle, isn’t it fascinating? Amazon kindle provides you a large reader’s community where you can easily publish your book and get paid even in 24 hours.


Are you an experienced writer? No, then you don’t have to be worry because Listverse is a platform where you need not be a professional writer, all you need is good English with grammar, and you are good to go. You have to write in listed form (at least ten lists) and remember to add at least one or two paragraphs to each list. You will get your payment through PayPal. If you are passionate about writing and like to gather and share information around you, then listverse can be a perfect choice for you to earn money by typing. I would suggest you go through their rule guide first before you start writing for them.


Wattpad is a massive platform for story writers because, according to official data, the Wattpad reader’s community is over 65 million people. It provides an opportunity for aspirational writers, especially storytellers, to grow and get paid for their stories. Since Wattpad has a broad user base, it becomes convenient to earn money for writers. To become a paid writer at Wattpad, you need to get Wattpad star status quickly by filling out its form. After that, based on your writing skills team selects writers for Wattpad star. However, a few applicants get selected for this, but if you have excellent writing skills, you should try this.


Dreame is an online publishing platform that enables writers to publish their content for free. On this platform, not only experienced writers but naïve writers can also post their content. The main focus of Dreame is to help writers to monetize their articles. It would be incredible that in 2018 an American writer could manage to earn over 10,000 USD only after two months of publishing his content. On Dreame, writers can easily upload their stories or book. They can get make money in two simple ways- first, if Dreame’s editor choice recognizes your book, and second if your book gets listed in the Pay-to-read program where readers can directly provide monetary support to the writer in the form of coins.

 Writers Weekly

Writers weekly mainly focus on selling written articles related to how to earn money by writing. This platform also pays for the articles related to self-employment and home-based business in the form of articles. For a featured article of 600 words, they provide $60, and for a freelance success story, they provide $40 for approx. 400 words article.


If you are an author and want to publish your books, Inkitt can be a perfect platform. Inkitt provides you a free online platform to showcase your talent to the world where you can freely post your books. After uploading your books, you can start the process for selection in a publishing deal. After that, Inkitt’s team observes your pattern, and if you get good readers’ engagement on your book, they reach out to you. It can be a simple and easy way to publish your book online.

 Strange Horizon

If you are interested in writing fiction( related to sci-fi, horror & fantasy), art, poetry, essays, and interviews, then Strange Horizon can be the best platform for you. This platform releases weekly magazines and fiction. If you can imagine, they are open to considering it and enables writers to publish their novel, poetries, essays, and sometimes non-fiction. Here you can earn up to 800 USD per original article. It is a legit platform for serious writers as it has won many awards in the previous year. Here submissions open regularly and close, so make sure to check websites daily.


Penpee come with a simple process for writers as ReadWrite, and Get paid for short stories. So if you find yourself comfortable writing short stories, then Penpee can be a platform from where you can earn money by writing stories. Penpee are like Netflix for readers and writers. Penpee is a free platform for writers. Here you can sign up and get credits, and these credits can be used in reading other authors’ stories, and you can upload your stories too and earn credits when readers read your stories, and you get credits in return. These credits convert into cash and enables quick withdrawal in your PayPal account.  


Readict is also the same platform as others; here, you can publish your stories. With just three simple steps, you can earn money by writing from here. You need to create an account over here and submit your finished report through this website. After that, Readict’s team will review your submission to analyze if it fits its audience. If they found your stories suitable for their audience, sign a contract, publish, and start earning for your stories.

Any books

 Any books app brings forth a way where you can share your own stories. It could be poems, short stories, light novels, love stories, and so on. Here is as a writer, it benefits you in two ways. First, you reach out to a considerable number of readers and can increase your popularity among readers. On the other hand, you could also earn money by uploading your stories on this platform.

 Towards the conclusion

Here are my top 10 platforms for writers ardent about writing and want to make money by content writing. I would suggest you take your first step and start earning money. It has becomes straightforward to make money online in this digital era. Honestly, It can be frustrating to start, but if you believe in your writing, you can easily earn money by writing stories online while following your passion. 


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