Do you want to use your writing skills to earn some extra cash? If so, you might be curious about which websites pay for freelance writing. With the growth of freelance work and the gig economy, several websites now enable writers to make money by sharing their knowledge or creative abilities. This blog will thoroughly list the six best platforms to earn money through content writing in 2024. Therefore, whether you’re an experienced writer or just getting started, read on to find out which websites can help you turn your words into money.

6 Best Platforms To Earn Money Through Content Writing In 2024

Try one of the following six platforms that pay freelance writers in 2024 to secure a writing gig without competing too fiercely for your client’s attention.


Content or copywriting is just one branch of the enormous tree of professions available on the largest freelance marketplace, i.e., Upwork. It can be difficult for an inexperienced freelance writer to enter the industry with 18 million other writers and 5 million clients.

It’s not impossible, though.

Both short- and long-term contracts are available on the platform to write articles and earn money in India. There are also opportunities for hourly and project-based freelance writing. However, even though Upwork will handle your payments and deadlines, they charge a significant fee.


A well-known job board called FlexJobs posts dozens of employment opportunities each week. For writers looking for remote jobs, it is one of the six best platforms to earn money through content writing in 2024.

Whether you’re searching for full-time, part-time, or freelance work, you can find writing gigs here from clients and businesses worldwide. Additionally, the website provides helpful filters you may use to refine the results and streamline your job search.

The only drawback of this platform is that without a paid account, you can only browse jobs but not apply. Furthermore, FlexJobs offers a subscription-based service with prices starting at $10 per week or $25 per month.


On the ProBlogger job board, novice and experienced writers can discover freelance writing positions. Various writing options are available on the website, including composing blog posts, articles, and material. Most writing jobs are remote, ranging from freelancing to complete- and part-time employment. 

Here, you can frequently find a long-term position and cultivate excellent connections with customers and businesses. The ProBlogger Job Board is carefully controlled, and only top-notch job ads are permitted on the site. This indicates that clients and projects are often of higher quality while there may be more competition. 

As it is one of the free platforms for money-making through content writing, you only need a free account to access the postings; no paid membership is required.


A platform for content creation called Textbroker connects freelance writers with companies looking for top-notch content. Textbroker does not force freelancers to submit bids on tasks like other freelance marketplaces. Instead, clients offer a project with a list of specifications, and Textbroker finds a qualified writer to complete it. 

Although Textbroker offers lower pay rates than the other free platforms for money-making through content writing, it is an excellent place for writers to build their portfolios and earn extra income. According to the difficulty of the project and the writer’s ability, writers get compensated per word. In addition to paying weekly via PayPal, Textbroker is a good option for writers searching for a steady income.


Another well-known among the list of 6 best platforms to earn money through content writing in 2024 is Fiverr. Various writing opportunities are available on Fiverr, including blog posts, essays, copywriting, and more. 

Clients can search for available freelancers and services, and freelancers can create profiles and list their services. Additionally, Fiverr provides a message system for freelancers and clients to communicate and a payment system that guarantees payment for finished work.

Unlike Upwork, Fiverr focuses on providing services with fixed prices beginning at $5. While this may appear minimal, Fiverr’s popularity and many customers make it possible to make a sizable income on the platform.


Contena provides many unique features that can assist writers in launching their freelance writing careers and locating specific writing jobs advertised online. The Contena Academy, which offers members a six-module video training course and materials to help them get started in a freelance writing career, is accessible to all members as part of their subscription. 

As part of their Platinum memberships, Contena offers a professional writing coach. This coach will work one-on-one with Platinum members to help them create their portfolio, construct unique pitches for jobs they find on Contena, and offer any guidance they require.

You can create an account with Contena for free to explore how it can help you write articles and earn money in India.

Final Thoughts

Making money right away takes a lot of work for newbie writers. Contributing to third-party websites can take time before you earn a substantial income. However, the time and effort you invested will be worthwhile. We hope the websites mentioned on the above list of the six best platforms to earn money through content writing in 2024 will give you a solid head start.

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