52% of business leaders currently use AI tools to support their content marketing initiatives. In comparison, according to Siege Media, 64.7% of business leaders intend to adopt AI content creation solutions to support their content marketing initiatives in 2023. These figures suggest that creating various content pieces can be greatly enhanced, streamlined, and expedited by using the top 7 best AI tools to make money with content writing. The next step is to choose the AI content writer that best suits your needs.

Top 7 Best AI Tools To Make Money With Content Writing

This list of the best AI tools for content writing has been compiled for everyone. Whether you’re a content writer or a business owner, these AI tools could become your new secret weapon in the field of content marketing.


Writesonic, established in 2021, has drawn thousands of companies to its platform. This huge fanbase is largely due to Writesonic’s AI content writer’s ability to balance adaptability and usability.

We’re talking about one of the most versatile AI tools for content writing that can generate more than 40 different forms of content thanks to pre-training on generative models. It can expand your articles, brainstorm new content ideas, summarise information, and paraphrase already published material.

It offers competitive pricing with monthly rates beginning at $19 following a free trial. With that starting fee, for instance, you can select from premium content of 19,000 words, good content of 47,500 words, average content of 95,000 words, and so on.


Copy AI, a top-notch tool that can assist you in producing everything from social media content to blogs, comes in at number two on our list of the top 7 best AI tools to make money with content writing. It has a user interface (UI) that is simple to use and offers pre-made AI authoring generator templates.

You can use this AI tool for free. With the free plan, you will have ten credits and access to more than 90 AI copywriting tools. Plans with a monthly fee of $35 or more come with unlimited credits.


Frase provides various additional AI writing tools to assist you with both long- and short-form content. Readymade templates from the tool can be utilised for various marketing tasks, from taglines to how-to blog material. As an alternative, you also have the choice to make your unique templates. 

Content authors will also find paragraph rewriting, sentence rewriting, and paragraph reduction helpful AI writing tools provided by Frase. Three paid options are available from this tool, with prices starting at under $15 per month (or $13 if paid annually).


QuillBot adopts a somewhat different strategy. Its primary goal is to assist users with paraphrasing existing information, and it is used by millions of authors and students worldwide.

It can serve as a co-writer even though, unlike other AI tools for content writing, it can’t create long-form content from scratch. In other words, its AI co-writer will speed up your writing by completing your phrases or sentences. 

QuillBot offers two premium plans in addition to the free plan. The starting price is $10 per month (or $4 when invoiced annually). 

Article Forge

With the help of Article Forge, users can create posts using only three inputs: length, language, and keywords. It will automatically add headings, pictures, videos, and hyperlinks to your content and basic content writing. This feature makes Article Forge the most unique one in our list of the top 7 best AI tools to make money with content writing.

Users can add more sections and increase the generated content’s word count to above 20,000 words by using the editor menu. Additionally, it automatically optimises your content according to the provided keywords.

This AI content writer tool has a 30-day money-back guarantee and a five-day free trial.


With the help of Wordsmith, users may generate natural language content for a range of use cases, including news stories, financial reports, and product descriptions.

Wordsmith’s “Template Language” feature is a simple syntactic language that enables users to produce content quickly and effectively. This is an effective AI tool to make money with content writing since it allows users to create thousands of unique pieces of content quickly.

Wordsmith offers an annual fee of $2000 plus a yearly user contract. Although maintenance services and setup costs have been introduced to the Wordsmith pricing plans, there is still a chance for plugin discounts of up to 50% with older versions.

Zyro AI Writer

Zyro AI Writer is a platform that employs artificial intelligence to assist users in quickly and effortlessly creating website content. The tool provides a range of templates and customization possibilities, enabling users to produce distinctive and interesting content that adheres to the tone and aesthetic of their business.

Additionally, Zyro AI Writer offers connectivity with well-liked website builders like Wix, Shopify, and WordPress to make it simple for those currently using these services.

Zyro AI Writer is one of the most sophisticated AI tools for content writing to use for free. It costs nothing to use this platform, and you can quickly and easily create new blogs or text for any kind of article without paying any further fees.

Final Thoughts

We sincerely hope you enjoyed reading this blog and are now more comfortable looking for the best AI content writing tools for your upcoming content marketing project!

Although there are many other tools available, these ought to provide you with ample alternatives to experiment. As each of these top 7 best AI tools to make money with content writing has its advantages and disadvantages, we advise you to conduct further study to identify the tool that best meets your demands.

Content writing can be a great side hustle to consider in 2023. According to our previous article, “a side hustle offers the opportunity to diversify income, pursue passions, develop skills, and navigate the changing work landscape.” With the tools given here, one can easily improve their skills in writing as well as gain exposure to the world of writing.

Some FAQs for our readers

Which is the best AI content writing tool for content marketers and bloggers?

Frase is considered one of the best AI tools for content marketers and bloggers. This is because it examines high-ranking information rather than scouring the entire internet. Additionally, it provides comprehensive information on keyword density, search traffic, CPR, and other factors that will help your content rank on search engines.

Is there any free AI tool for content writing?

Copy.ai, Rytr, QuillBot, Wordtune, etc., are some of the free AI content writing tools. Additionally, you can later upgrade to their paid plans if they are useful for you and fit the requirements.

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