Suppose you are an established entrepreneur or just opening the door to start a successful business. In that case, you will always want to be ahead of the pack in today’s competitive world by getting insights from someone who has walked on a similar path. It is not imperative to read a book to start a successful business, but if you don’t take that route, you might end up exhausting a lot of time, energy, and money with years of frustration. So in this article, I have curated a list of the best books on entrepreneurship in 2021 for entrepreneurs that will encourage you to alter your mindset, to revolve, to fabricate your business, and stretch out not only your audience but your revenue too. 

It is no hidden secret that learning is the only right way to unfold the next updated version of you. Due to the abundance of information, doing a traditional 9 to 5 desk job is not so common these days. Millions of people are forming out their way to make money and getting rich on their terms. Entrepreneurship is a dream that everyone sees but fail to keep up. These books are something to start with on the journey of successful business. You can think of these books as shortcuts because each brings something unique perspective to your table. So, let’s tear it into the first book on the list.

Top 5 Best books on Entrepreneurship in 2021

Measure what matters 

This book is composed by John Doerr. John is a multi-billionaire venture capitalist who invested in one of the most successful companies of all time. In this book, the author tells you about the ‘OKRs’ system that can help you track your business and life. OKRs denote objectives and key results where objectives stand for high-level tactics of the direction you want to go, and key results are measurable time-bound objectives that can be tracked easily.

The Lean Startup

“The lean startup” by Eric Ries can help you to figure out the right thing to build. It gives you an idea about what type of products people want to purchase and willing to pay for. The book focuses more on the value of identifying key assumptions as quickly as possible. So if you’re going to be a successful entrepreneur in very little time, you should read this book as the approaches mentioned by the author can help you turn your idea into a sustainable business faster. This is definitely one of the best books on entrepreneurship to read in 2021.


Robert B. Cialdini authors this book. In this book, the author imparts to us how human psychology works when it comes to buying something, which makes this book very interesting. This can be an excellent choice in 2021 for entrepreneurs seeking methods that can influence people to purchase their services. In this book, the author mentioned a psychological phenomenon called Reciprocity that you may find interesting for your business.

Marketing made simple

Donald Miller authors this book. If you are seeking key marketing strategies, then this book can be a perfect option for you. A good product or service can fail if there are no effective marketing strategies to attract and convert customers. Unfortunately, some entrepreneurs think that they have exceptional things or ideas for the world to sell themselves. Still, almost inevitably, this approach fails, and in some cases, it can spell the end of the business as well. In the ‘Marketing made simple’ book, the author broke down five important components needed to build out a great sales funnel.


Gabriel Weinberg and Justin Mares wrote this book. Traction tells you how you can focus on the idea that can attract potential customers into your business. Through this book, you can test and validate the channels that will be most effective for your business by a simple framework. If you want to start a successful startup, it becomes important for you to test channels and determine the best marketing opportunities. 

Towards the conclusion

So these are my top 5 recommendations of the best books on entrepreneurship in 2021. Time is the key factor in turning your idea into a business, and no one has hours to spend reading books. But I would like to suggest you choose two or three books to read. All the books have distinct insights that can help you grow your business faster. These books are written by successful entrepreneurs that enable you to make your smart move and informed decisions eluding avoidable mistakes. 

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