Trading and the stock market sound like a great profession, Right? It requires neither any educational background nor plenty of hours to spend it on. You can earn and manage your flow of money by just being online for few hours a day. Personal finance management and stock markets have never been so renowned in India, as it is nowadays. In that case, you can learn about the 7 Best YouTube channels to learn the stock market in India through this article

With the boom of the internet, it has become very facile to learn any skill you are craving. Books can be a competent source to learn about finance and stock markets. But it becomes complicated if you do not belong to any finance, commerce background, or from a share market enthusiast.

7 Best YouTube channels to learn stock market in India 

If you are a newbie investor or facing difficulties entering the stock market in India, all you need is the right advice at the right time by the right person. So, in today’s article, I have curated a list of the top 7 best YouTube channels to learn stock market. As all the creators impart excellent knowledge about the market, I found these channels most straightforward in terms of financial management and the stock market. 

Pranjal Kamra 

Pranjal started his channel named Pranjal Kamra on May 13, 2011, to impart knowledge of value investing straightforwardly. He currently has around 2.99 M subscribers with 224 videos. You will find videos related to value investing, stock analysis, and behavioral finance on this channel. So, if you are willing to learn the stock market from scratch, this can be the best YouTube channel as Pranjal brings tricky market words in a very rational way to your table. Pranjal has also rolled out his website named Finology.

Best YouTube channels to learn stock market in India

Asset Yogi

We all studied various subjects in our school or college time but were never taught about money management. We get to learn about money after losing it. Therefore, intending to spread financial awareness or literacy among people, Mukul Malik founded the channel Asset Yogi on August 8, 2011. Currently, he has 2.59 M subscribers with 501 videos. So, if you are eager to learn finance management, then the asset yogi channel can be a complete financial guide for you. On this channel, you will be able to learn everything about money, investments, and business in the most superficial way.

Convey by FinnovationZ 

The stock market, mutual fund, IPO, etc., seems complicated to understand if you are from a non-financial background. But on Convey by FinnovationZ, you will get to learn about money trading in the Indian stock market and investing in mutual funds in a very facile way. Prasad Lendwe manages this channel and currently has 1.57 M subscribers with 571 videos. So if you want to excel Indian stock market, then it can be the one-stop solution for you. Prasad regularly uploads videos related to taxation, value investing, scams, book summaries, and many more. 

Best YouTube channels to learn stock market in India

Elearn Markets

Elearn Markets is among one of the top YouTube channels to learn trading and investing in India. It is an online financial market training platform that simplifies finance. It also provides the proper knowledge and tips to earn money to use the Indian stock market. They started this channel on December 24, 2013. It ranked among India’s top stock market YouTube channel with 585K subscribers and 801 videos.  


This channel can be referred to as India’s top online educational platform. With 1.02M subscribers to learn stocks and mutual funds investment, it is one of the best YouTube channels to learn stock market in India. The channel was founded on June 23, 2017, with the primary objective to make investing simple and transparent in India. So if you want to learn the share market, IPOs, trading, etc., you should visit Groww YouTube channel, where they share insights related to investing- stock & share market, mutual funds, and so on.

Best YouTube channels to learn stock market in India


Neeraj Arora manages this channel. He is a professional Chartered Accountant and a teacher by passion. On the Fin91 channel, he imparts lessons on the stock market from basic to advanced and guides for share market, financial laws, funds, and many more. He started this channel on June 25, 2019, and currently has 400k subscribers. So, if you are a beginner in the financial world, then it could be fruitful for you to visit this channel. 

Nitin Bhatia

If you are looking for ‘innovative ideas for your money, then the YouTube channel of Nitin Bhatia can be the best place for you. He has been uploading videos related to stocks, real estate, and personal finance since Jan29, 2015. On the channel, he shares different perspectives about money that will make you think. There are more than 900K subscribers and 1000+ videos on the channel.

Best YouTube channels to learn stock market in India

Towards the conclusion

These are some of the 7 Best YouTube channels to learn stock market in India. Many stocks-related YouTube series provide excellent knowledge, and we might miss them in this post. If you are a newbie or do not have people around to discuss the market, quickly get insights from these channels. Due to the dynamic nature of the Indian stock market, it is advisable to do your research before investing your money in the stock and share market.  

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