A person wakes up to a pleasant feeling of a Sunday morning, and in a snap second, there’s a dread to face Monday morning the next day. The overwhelming feeling of having to live through a Monday doesn’t fade away easily. There’s still a lot of stigma around Mondays being the most difficult days of the week and that the ‘Monday blues’ are real. Well, it’s not necessarily for the ones who know how to be productive on a Monday morning. If you don’t yet, dive into this article and learn more about it. 


How to be productive on a Monday morning

Be it an academic geek whose assignment is due on Monday or an employee about to face Monday’s workload, we get it! Just the thought of it can give real shivers. Here are a few tips to feel productive on a Monday morning and not get carried away into the Monday blues. 

Face it and conquer it

“Prepare your mind well in advance!”

It will become easy for anyone who has it clear that Mondays can get tiring. However, making yourself well aware of it and conquering it by preparing it well in advance helps. 

For example, knowing that you might have to face a lot of office-related calls on Monday and putting a positive perspective about it. In your mind, it will look like more of a goal to achieve in a single day than something coming for your life. Also, what’s better than knowing what is written for your day rather than things approaching you as a sudden shock?

Leave the past in the past.

“Avoid dragging workload to the coming week!”

The workload from the previous week always tends to trouble you in the coming week. It is advised to try to resolve maximum things and not leave it for the future. Document the tasks that can be done now and later. It can help track the progress while providing clarity of your productive time and idle time. 

However, try achieving what’s meant for the current week in the current week. This helps us to not feel the burden of the past and present tasks at once. 

Keeping it neat and clean

“A clean working desk is a battle half won.”

It has been observed that a clean desk clears off unnecessary things from your eyesight; and your mind. Also, it makes space for new things from the day around you- such as sticky notes, stationary, files, reports, charts, and planners. 

It is often advised not to work at your leisure seeking places since the mindset associated with the place can often distract and divert from the work. 

Move around

“Working out releases positive hormones to keep you productive.”

It’s no breaking news that working out for at least half-hour a day releases essential hormones that make one feel productive and positive overall. Sticking to a routine and allotting those thirty minutes daily can help you tackle the overwhelming baggy emotions associated with Mondays. So take that stroll, pick up a dumbbell, racket the shuttle, or run it off!

Small breathers

“Small breaks are as essential as your academics or job.”

All in all, a clear-headed mind is the most productive one. It is essential to have small breathers to clear our minds from logging unnecessary things on a Monday morning. It can range from various activities, such as watching an episode of your favorite serial, taking a stroll in the garden, having a coffee on vibrant evenings, or spending time with your pet. 

Towards the conclusion

We conclude this article that discusses the tips to be productive on a Monday morning. We hope it takes away all your Monday blues! Regular practice of all the points mentioned above would eventually lead to less dreadful and overwhelming feelings. So get into a good habit and have a happy Monday, everyone!

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