It is very common to feel nervous before interviews, but since it’s the first and last chance to score and get a lifetime reward, we need to get the best self on the frontline and hide all the fears and nervousness in our pockets. Even with 100% preparation, the human mind runs for last-minute revision, cause that’s the only thing lasting in our mind at the end. So here are some last-minute interview tips and etiquettes for those candidates who are searching for last-minute revision.

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Basic etiquette

Pay attention to your walking

Your first impression is your body language while walking into the interview room. Be confident with your walk but try not to walk arrogantly. Also, not with a supple bough. It’s awkward and irritating.

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See what you are wearing

Formals for boys includes having a simple pant and a tucked-in shirt. Well-polished shoes and combed hair with no beard face. For girls it is often hard to select western or Indian look, I would love to suggest wear what you feel comfortable in. the dress which is carefree and does not bother you for your overall look is the one perfect. 

  • Colour: Use subtle colours such as dull yellow, teal, beige, or sea green, etc. don’t or never go for very dark or bright shades. Try to look decent but smart with your overall look.
  • Shoes: Shoes should always be paired with socks that match your skin colour or the dress you are wearing. Avoid multicolour socks and remember to wear closed/toe pack shoes.
  • Hairs: For boys, the hair is the best personality reveller, always try to make your hair look decent and uncoloured. For girls: Uncoloured and well-tied hairs are best, go for lower bun or plates.

Your tone and word choice

No matter how loud or polite you are. Always portray an image that can make you look obedient. Mark your words while speaking, avoid words that may sound negative or convey sad feelings. Always give a positive vibe to the interviewer. That might give a sense of attachment to the interviewer and you will be remembered by that. Remember: Psychology talks louder in silence.  

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We have always been worried about the beginning of the interview. But, we never think about how will be the end! Always try to ask the final positive question like, from when can I join? Or, is there anything else I can answer? Make it a memorable adieu, they should not forget your face after this interaction. Also, tell them you had a very great time. Even after the interview, be in touch with the company, take follow-ups regarding the results and upcoming vacancies. Try being in the eyes of the recruiters.

These were some etiquette that you can apply with upcoming interview tips given below. 

Don’t forget to note the below ones!

  1. Always try to keep 100% knowledge about the company for which you are going to interview.
  2. Try to remember your roles and responsibilities that was mentioned on the add or whatever source you have got the Job vacancy from.
  3. Don’t forget to be on time. Take all your documents in a well-displayed folder and an updated resume. 
  4. Rehearse the self-introduction part. Show them you are worth getting the role.
  5. Always enter the room with a positive mindset.
  6. Be a polite speaker and a good listener.
  7. Keep your cell phone on silent mode.
  8. Don’t forget the firm handshake.
  9. Remember sitting straight and upright. 
  10. Look attentive and energetic
  11. Take beverage if asked, don’t refuse to be treated well.
  12. Talk with confidence and maintain eye contact.
  13. Try calling the names with Mr. or Miss & with ma’am and sir at the end.
  14. Don’t offer yourself, don’t sell your working ability, showcase your skillset by being tremendously good with soft skills.
  15. Mention financial expectations if asked, don’t and never keep it on a vague end.
  16. Try to mention your point of view with a polite set of words.
  17. Be specific and clear about the roles and responsibilities.
  18. Greet the interviewer at the end.
  19. Tell them you had a great time, even if the interview wasn’t good.
  20. Leave with a smiling face.


A last tip from the author:

You might be nervous throughout the interview and certain things such as sweating, stammering or blabbering something irrelevant is common. Remember, they are not monsters! Consider it as an examination where you must succeed with words instead of a pen and a paper. However, if your perspective seems to be blurring and you find yourself in a situation where you can’t continue- ask for some time. Take a deep breath, correct yourself if you’ve missed some point, and tell them the language in which the conversation seems comfortable. You’ve got it absolutely if your mindset is fixed. It is a must thing to keep your fears locked in some box and take care of your mental health if you face rejection. 

Facing rejection is common and might hurt a bit. But this isn’t end of anything. There are multiple openings in thousands of companies. Give yourself some time to prepare, identify the flaws you made in all the previous interviews. In this way, you can step an inch closer from grabbing that opportunity you’ve dreamt of. However. remember to be clear about your skills, don’t manipulate your talent and make it look too attractive to seem real.

interview formal dress

The set of interview tips and etiquette lists are always never-ending but it is always necessary to keep faith in yourself. Your positive approach gives you the freedom to express with your body language. Sometimes words cannot confine the whole set of your personality and no interview tips can help you with that. Keeping a calm and peaceful attitude, positive perspective can make a huge difference. Be original and 100% real. It’s time to show the world what an immense inner power you have. Don’t waste it being nervous or negative about the upcoming life.

Be confident, rock the floor and let your personality do wonders!

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Good luck to all the aspiring candidates!



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