Quotes are a part of our lives, so integral that they can move the heaviest weight of our hearts. Quotes have the power to soothe us and to heal our minds. So to provide you with some heartfelt joy and relief, here are some uniquely written and handcrafted quotes on lifestyle, love and relationships for everyone.

Quotes on Lifestyle

  1. Time changes you, I thought so too. But when I looked down the memory lane, it wasn’t time it was what the people did.
  2. I ran to the finish line of life, giving my all and when I reached it, I realised it was the track I actually wanted to be on.
  3. I was sitting in my armchair sipping down some tea, when the memories came rushing back and life once again smelt free.
  4. Let’s escape into a world where we are not judged, where we are living, smiling, feel love and are contained within.
  5. I stare so hard at my computer screen, not for work but to have a distraction within.
  6. Laughing is my hobby because there are very little things that can put a smile on the face.
  7. All people do is hope for a parallel universe where they are actually living, while losing all hopes here.
  8. It’s just one life, pack your best friends and take that road to nowhere. Start a bonfire and dance in the rain.
  9. Why do we need an event to plant trees, do we need an event to breathe oxygen? Giver is always more important than taker.
  10. If someone starts being bad it’s enough of everything you have had.
  11. Some days you feel a wave of excitement, some days nothing at all.
  12. I am waiting for the good moments, for a happy life forgetting it will start with me.
  13. Life in a mist is dreadful. You think you’re safe but something always creeps unknowingly.
  14. These lanes are vacant because everyone is unable to find the key to the door.
  15. Someone who’s got your back even when you gave up the faith in yourself, is someone to preserve for life.
  16. Speed never matters when you have the will to grow; growing is a beautiful process one must feel, and should not hustle.
  17. Ever compared your life with water? Shallow waters are always chaotic and deep waters always still.
  18. One day you will realise that death is inevitable, and you are just a single person no more breathing but the world continues to live.
  19. Life isn’t lonely, I know there are people who will support me, help me grow and have my back. I just have to find them yet.
  20. There was a time when I had peace & I hustled to riches just to realise that I lost it.
  21. You are not alive if you’re not living in the present, it’s okay to not worry about the future, just liberate yourself and smile for once.

quotes on lifestyle

Quotes on Relationship

  1. I’ll believe in you praying that you won’t hurt me. But prayers rarely get answers, isn’t it?
  2. After seeing him attendance was the second reason she came to college.
  3. The moments I have with you are so grand, I want to stop them but they are slipping out like sand.
  4. Your name is not written on my heart because they fade over time. I’ve carved your name on my heart and will make sure to keep it forever.
  5. It’s your eyes they show me the universe, console me, they hold me and assure me. They hold no grudge and are sunshine full of love.
  6. You simply have no idea how healing your touch is and just for that, I am ready to take a thousand stabs.
  7. All the broken pieces of your heart will fall in place, all you need is to open the gate of your heart, for the right person.
  8. There cannot be anyone else than that person, who will walk miles just to see you smile.
  9. I want the pillow fights, those sleepless nights and unending gossip that make me remember that the hostel days were my life’s amber.
  10. Just like the wave, you swept me off the feet, only to realise that I’m floating with the wave ready to drown me to destruction.
  11. I have cried days and nights till my tears dried, no you won’t see the marks on my face, it’s my heart they have grazed.
  12. Love is like the wheels of a bike, wearing anyone one out will result in halting. They may be repaired or never work, but it stops there.
  13. Stay in love so much that you trust them with your passwords, not make them one.
  14. The ship of my heart struggling in the chaos of my life, finds itself at the shore when I look into your eyes.
  15. Wrong person, wrong feelings, wrong timing and you say Love is the culprit?
  16. I am just like an evening neither of the day nor of the night. But you are a beautiful canvas of both.
  17. You walked setting a print on my heart, sadly you walked away leaving the print as it was.
  18. I want to grow with you and encourage you to do riskiest and the silliest things with me.
  19. Wishing to be with you as much as the shore wants to be with the waves.
  20. I can be completely on my own taking my own moments. But they won’t be as breath-taking as it’d be with you.
  21.  You are the life I want to live, the dream I want to see. I am not afraid of what we can be but of if you won’t be.
  22. True love doesn’t only end when two people separate; it also ends when you chop off the trees that stood beside each other for hundreds of years.
  23. The night and the day reminds me of how different we are, where I lighted the paths of our love, you crumpled with darkness
  24.  My relationship with the old songs is just like a person who goes on a world tour only to discover the peace and solace in his home.

quotes on relationship

Quotes of Motivation

  1. Until you’ve drowned completely, you will never know if you can swim ashore, so if drowning is failure, life’s an opportunity to fight back and swim-up.
  2. The fact that I stand so anonymous on the face of the world motivates me to work hard!
  3. The sun comes out daily but brings a whole new day of opportunities for you.
  4. Yes, I’m struggling a lot but I won’t give up until the last leaf of my efforts falls.
  5. Some people are fed up with life and death. But there are also some who struggle to live a little more.
  6. We all are burning in emotions, jealousy burns relationships, anger burns kindness and greed burns peace.
  7. Nobody sheltered the strays in spite of heat floods or snow, you think they have nowhere to go; its mother nature they take a bow to.
  8. What matters is how beautiful your soul is beneath that heavy make-up and how strong your smile is beneath those bold red lips.
  9. One who is friends with the book falls in love every day, lives in multiple worlds, walks with the characters, perceives the philosophy and escapes the reality.
  10. Just like a candle, I’ve waxed myself bit by bit burning in emotions, losing myself in the flams of feelings. But, just because I’m a dim flame doesn’t mean I can’t burn you down.
  11. Looking at the mirror I say I am a masterpiece. The mirror doesn’t realise how much I have fought to rise up.
  12. Life is wild but people see it as a puzzle & try to fit in, forgetting that the clock is ticking.
  13.  I was soaring in heights, when I was thrashed down to depths. Now that I am not afraid of high pressures, I am soaring even higher.
  14. Those who aren’t afraid of taking the most difficult roads in life are the ones who have the worst in their life and yet are standing strong.
  15. As you replenish your body, I have started replenishing my soul, doing things and being like myself more.

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