Quotes are a source of hope, illusion and motivation for some. These are some words bonded perfectly to enrich the readers heart with emotions. They are relatable as if someone has just spoken some excerpts of your life. So here we present to you some quotes on relationships and lifestyle that everyone can relate to through their heart.


  1. When we send a candle high up in the sky with a prayer for each other, I hope that at least they will meet & live for a few moments with love.
  2. I know what is true love because I’ve been with a guy who has allowed me to do whatever my heart desires while being a support rock solid to hold me when I fall.
  3. Wrapped in the cage of thorns, she finally felt happy. No one could easily come within to destroy the petals of her heart!
  4. I don’t understand how you can unlove someone. Maybe we just accept we love each other and move forward with it.
  5. Fancy dates aren’t my type rather let’s walk the street at 2am, eat street food and talk about life. That’s my kind of date!
  6. They had a mask of professionalism, beneath it, they were in love. It seems that they forgot to take off the masks & now are love deprived.

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  1. When you feel something that’s beyond words to express, maybe that’s when you’re really in love!
  2. Love is a phase where the fights, anxiety and jealousy don’t matter as long as you’re happy to wake up with him every morning.
  3. Keep yourself strong through the hard times; often you’re going to be alone there. People surround in happiness only.
  4. Maybe it took me a good relationship to realise you were definitely not the one!
  5. I’m that girl sitting at the bar with a glass to drink up my sorrows. Will you be the one to ask me for a dance?
  6. Just because it’s a heart that doesn’t beat for you doesn’t mean you should break it!
  7. My thoughts have always been a mess. I felt I’m going crazy. But thank you for assuring me, that being a mess is perfectly alright!
  8. Lying underneath the stars, she whispered, “How many stars can you see?” He held her hand and said, “It’s just you that I can see.”
  9. I want to fall for the right one, who shares not just my dreams, but helps me reach out of them.
  10. You are the one who soothes me in the darkness, cherishes me in the sunshine & holds my hand throughout.
  11. Being in love is complicated. And it’s regret for a life that you can’t exactly describe how it is like.
  12. I was the one feeling dull but you did nothing to make me bright, my love!
  13. For the couples who wish, to stay together forever, by looking at the shooting star, don’t know that the star itself is wandering alone into the space!
  14. I went to the same place, where our eyes met for the first time. Nothing had changed except for our relation!
  15. The candles are lit, atmosphere set, just finding the right guy even if it means a long wait.
  16. I miss your smile & being the reason for it. I miss the way you hold my hand & make me stop when I am walking away.
  17. On this valentine’s vow to settle down with your goals first and then with the person who supports your aims and ambitions.
  18. One day I’m going to be on the other side, weighing my personal and professional life. Then maybe I’ll realise what it is like, to be like my mother.
  19. Priority is a dangerous word feels like heaven if you are the one & feels like hell if you are not the one.

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  1. Thousands of words to say but no ears to listen!
  2. Put yourself a bit extra, put on the hard work a bit extra, give time to rejuvenate a bit extra and be yourself a bit extra.
  3. With or without you their life goes on. Your problems don’t matter to them, what matters are your actions to tackle your problems.
  4. I hope there are days when your coffee tastes like magic, your playlist makes you dance, strangers make you smile and the night sky touches your soul. I hope you fall in love with being alive again.
  5. It’s good to be alone than to be with the crowd that makes you feel alone.
  6. What happens to you happens to others too. So why ask society to embrace you and disown those others.
  7. So here I am, busy in building my own empire that I’ve got no time for other people’s shit!
  8. I want to be real, because I can’t waste my life masking & being someone else. It’s time to breath cover-free life!
  9. I’ve surrounded myself with companions to talk. They talk to me through the darkness. They meet me every day, not the humans they’re the stars!


  1. It’s beautiful how the breeze and emotions hit you differently in the night time. Maybe because you had enough of the day and night seems the best companion ever.
  2. It’s natural to feel unhappy because of someone not everyone is on a job to make you happy except yourself.
  3. In the dark moonlight brightens your path. For the darkness in your life be the moon for yourself.
  4. Always listen to someone’s point of view even if it doesn’t match with yours until you’re capable enough to be in their shoes and decide.
  5. It’s the small elements that complete life but it’s an irony to see the poor enjoy it while the riches worry about their property and reputation.
  6. Drink like there’s no tomorrow, we mean water, not alcohol! Health first!
  7. My life was always judged and criticized by others & I wondered why I couldn’t fit in, until I realised I can never be like them because I’m what I’m!
  8. Just like the sea, get going with the waves and mysterious deep within.
  9. Taking a train to an unknown destination will make the best trip of your life. Knowing things lessens the thrills & who knows what adventure awaits!
  10. Excess of anything can cause destruction, just the way how silent ripples are capable enough to bring tsunamis
  11. Disease is not just physical, you are already diseased if you’ve been thinking bad, evil, selfish and ill-treating others!
  12. Confused between listening to elders and listening to my heart.
  13. I listened to my heart, only to realise that my own people went against me “because I stopped listening to them!
  14. Why is it that people prefer to live in concrete jungles over the real ones?
  15. Is technology really making us comfortable in being caged?

challenges faced by women entrepreneur

  1. What people don’t realise is someone’s behaviour is a result of their childhood trauma and consequent experience.
  2. Family is the weirdest concept, happier on the upper end but everyone is battling their own demons inside. An illusion, a mirage and a lucid dream!

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