How to stop being in a toxic relationship?

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Being in a relationship is something that every teen dreams off. Every single has been through this stage where he/she craves and longs for one. “It’s the sugar that diabetics are attracted to and simultaneously it’s the source of immunity that they need for survival.” 

But relationships are not always pleasant. The simple reason is that not everyone you meet in life is meant to have a special place in your heart! Many of us might be in a relationship by now. But have you ever wondered what you would do if it would turn out to be a toxic relationship? Definitely Not! In fact, rarely would you find someone thinking over it.

What does a toxic trait mean?

Before knowing how to stop being in a toxic relationship lets first know what toxic trait stands for. Toxic refers to something harmful to you and your health – both mentally and physically. Just like a rotten meal/fruit could ruin your digestive system, a toxic relation ruins your body, mind, and soul. It is like a slow death; a poison that acts slowly to ruin everything you own for yourself. Your peace, contentment, self-worth, confidence, and esteem seem to be at stake. Being into an abusive, disrespected, and unworthy relation infuses toxicants among people holding that togetherness. 

What does toxic mean in a relationship?

toxic relationships

This is not just a case of distant relationships, rather even after being in a close relationship or live-in relations, couples often tend to indulge in fights over small things, not being able to manage ego and love simultaneously. Sometimes the most loving couple gets into misunderstanding due to the interference of a third person or maybe with some ways of taking and perceiving things, manipulating facts, and deliberately getting into fights. Some couples love dominating and restricting their partners which turns into irritation after some years of being into a relationship. 

What does the toxic relationship mean?

If you’re not getting a feeling of concern for each other, if you wait for the solitude despite being around your so-called soul mate, if you wish to get separated after each argument but are unable to take action, if it feels suffocating to be into a relationship then it means that you are in a TOXIC relationship. Your love can never be inferior to random fights, but if your expectations are hurt, your body is getting scars and your eyes are swollen; you gotta get out of that toxication immediately! Stop hurting yourself for the sake of your love or because of the fear of being alone. 

How to stop being in a toxic relationship?

Stopping yourself from loving someone sounds impossible. But no one is asking you to unlove your partner, love never comes with typical terms and conditions.

Remember it is important to have love in the relationship, but it is not a rule to be in a relationship if you love someone.

It is important to understand that a toxic relationship is not a one night change; it happens slowly but affects strongly. Beginning with an unending argument and leading to huge fights. Not being able to stand under a roof or high level of insecurity. Are all that you make yourself suffer from. 

A relationship once ruined never gets back to cute night talks and romantic date nights, its always best that you realize the reality and leave that person, working on your behaviour something that never lasts for long. An argument can never give you a reason to make love to your partner; expectations once transformed to disappointment can never build understanding again. 

Get out of being tortured every day, stop being into something that doesn’t seem to be yours anymore.  

Get a break, learn to live on your own, once you’ll get out in the world where abuse and insecurity are far far away, you’ll realize how toxicant you were in your past.

Be realistic! 

Love yourself before loving any other person.

Self-love is the ultimate peace that you can never attain in a toxic relationship.

toxic relationship

Am I in a toxic relationship quiz?

You know you are into one then that’s better, but if you have any doubt take this questionnaire and assistance from a relationship counsellor. Collect your strength and mark your way towards self-care, replace your toxic environment, and save yourself from a life long-suffering.

Mark on the scale of 0 to 5, 

  0 – never

  1- sometimes

  2- often 

  3- occasionally 

  4- almost every day

  5- from last some years

  1. Does he/she blame you for his/her mood swings?
  2. Is he/she dominating?
  3. Does he/she feel insecure when you get into a conversation with the opposite gender?
  4. Do you feel hopeless when sharing your views with him/her?
  5. Also, do you feel he/she envy from your financial freedom?
  6. Do you miss the same dedication from another side; that you’ve only poured into the relationship?
  7. Do you miss romantic talks and happy relationship days?
  8. Does he/she smile randomly just looking at you?
  9. Do you feel empty and alone even if he/she is near you?
  10. Have you been facing abusive language and occasional violence?

If these questions are answered honestly, you can save yourself from a huge loss and work on your lost self-esteem and self-confidence.

Remember, there is nothing like a perfect world. If you think you can work on a torn out cloth – waiting to be stitched again, hoping that it will look like before, you are wrong!

Get out of that as soon as possible 

Save yourself!

Toxic traits list

Just make sure that you are stepping in the right direction.

  • Habitual Lying 
  • Ignoring calls and meetings
  • Avoiding your plea
  • Cruel and abusive statements
  • Selfishness
  • Jealousy
  • Over competentness
  • Blam Game
  • High insecurity
  • Unwanted sex
  • Stubborn attitude
  • Victim blaming
  • Continous comparing
  • Not apologizing 
  • Unsupportive behaviour
  • Not helping
  • Not being hopeful
  • Too frequent Future planning
  • Violence
  • Not caring for your smile 


Even if you are facing all these things, never give up on your hope. Hope that you will stand up independently on your own. Being in a toxic relationship is much harder than facing the world alone. Trust me. 

Get in touch we can work on this together.

We love you and we care for you.



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