We all have those days when we just feel sad and unmotivated. Even the most productive people get these blues from time to time. When you’re feeling down, productivity goes out the window. All people want to do is spend the whole day in bed with your blankets covering your head. Also, that’s exactly what many people do on their “off” days. Stay-at-home moms, college students, office workers—no one is immune to it. Read our article on “10 Tips to Get You Feeling Productive Even On Your Sadder Days” to cast off the blue devils once in a while.

If you find yourself wandering around your house with no motivation to do anything productive today, try one of our tips below!

10 Tips to Get You Feeling Productive Even On Your Sadder Days

Go for a walk

Getting some fresh air is one of the best ways to shake a bad mood. Walking is a low-impact exercise many people can do regardless of their fitness level. Research has shown that exercise can help ease feelings of depression, anxiety, and more. A walk is a great place to start if you need to get out of the house and get your mind off the melancholic feelings. And if you can find a nice park to walk through, all the better. 

Try an indoor walking routine if you don’t feel like going outside. This can be anything from a stroll around your living room to a more vigorous jaunt on the treadmill. The important thing is that you’re pushing yourself slightly out of your comfort zone.

Organize your workspace

It can be extremely easy to get yourself into a depressed state of mind when you feel like you have no control over your life. When you’re feeling blue, it’s easy to look at your house’s clutter and feel there’s not much hope for you. But you don’t have to let your messy home get to you. 

Organizing your workspace is a simple way to get yourself out of that feeling. 

This can range from cleaning your car to organizing your entire house. Taking control of something in your life can help get you out of that depressed mindset. When you have a clean and tidy space around you, it can be much easier to clean and tidy up your head too.

Watch a show that makes you laugh.

Sadness can be a real thing that people feel, but it doesn’t have to take over your every thought. Sometimes you’re sad, and that’s okay. Other times you need to laugh it off. Nothing will get you out of your sad mindset during those times faster than a funny show. 

When you’re feeling down, watching a funny show can help you get those happy chemicals flowing through your brain again. It can also help you connect with others who might be going through the same thing you are. You can find funny shows on Netflix that are perfect for watching solo!

Learn something new

Depending on your mood, you might need something that’s a little more challenging than watching a funny show. If your brain is telling you to do something, learning something new can help you escape your sad mood. Studies have shown that learning new skills and challenging yourself is a great way to help your mood. 

Researchers at the University of Toronto found that even when people feel like they’re not good at something, they still benefit from trying new things. If you’ve been meaning to learn something new, now’s the perfect time to start! 

Do something nice for yourself.

When you’re feeling blue, all of our focus tends to be on all the ways you feel lacking. You may feel like you don’t have a clean house, you don’t have enough money, or you don’t have a healthy diet. But if you’re feeling blue, it can be easy to lose touch with the things you do have. 

Instead of focusing on what you don’t have, do something nice for yourself. This can be anything from getting a massage to making your favorite meal. When you focus on the things that you do have and take good care of yourself, it can help get you out of a bad mood much faster.

Be productive in a way that doesn’t feel so bad.

Getting anything done can be challenging when you’re in a somber mood. You don’t want to push yourself and worsen the situation, but you also don’t want to sit on your hands all day. One way to get your productivity going is to set low expectations for yourself for that day. 

This can be especially helpful if you know you will be dealing with a bad mood for a few days. You don’t have to try to get everything done in one day—pick one thing you can do to get yourself out of that slump.


Here we conclude on the article of “10 Tips to Get You Feeling Productive Even On Your Sadder Days”. We hope you liked these tips and use them during your bad days. Everyone has that point when everything feels unworthy. With these tips, you can get yourself out of that sad mindset and back on track to being your best self again!

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