People tend to feel more productive when they have a lot on their plate, but productivity is not just about quantity. Even the busiest of people can feel like they don’t have much to do from time to time. So what do you do if you are having a sadder day? Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to feel productive even when your schedule has fewer red-hot tasks for you. In this blog post, we share 6 tips to fight the winter blues on how you can get back on track and reclaim your productivity even when things don’t feel as frantic as usual.

6 Tips to Fight the Winter Blues

The first step is recognizing that productivity isn’t just about getting things done; it’s also about finding joy in your work and making space for ideas to take shape and time for them to grow organically.

Try meditating

We know, we know: meditation is not just for hippies and monks. But the truth is that when you are feeling sad, anxious, or any other negative emotion, it can be hard even to want to think about what you need to do next. That’s why we suggest trying a quick meditation practice when you don’t have much energy. When you feel sad, anxious, or any other negative emotion, it can be hard even to want to think about what you need to do next. 


At these times, doing a quick meditation practice can help you feel more present and connected to yourself — and less caught up in whatever is making you feel bad. If you start with meditation, you can try a guided meditation that will walk you through the most basic practices. There are many apps, websites, and podcasts with guided meditations that you can use.

Do small productive tasks.

Productivity is not always about big projects. Feeling productive is sometimes about ticking off smaller to-do items from your list. When you are feeling down, you might feel like you don’t have the energy for big tasks. If this happens, don’t try and force yourself to do one. Sometimes, focusing on smaller tasks that don’t take up as much energy is better. This way, you can start to reclaim your productivity without feeling too stressed or overwhelmed. 


You can do many small things when you are feeling down to help get you back on track. For instance, you can tidy up your desk, do a couple of hours of admin, or go through your emails. We often need to feel productive to lift our mood, but if you are feeling really low, it can be hard to get started on anything. Focusing on smaller tasks gives you a quick productivity boost without having to take on too much at once.

Ask yourself why you’re feeling sad.

Sometimes, you can’t seem to shake off a low mood no matter what you do. At times like this, it’s important to step back and ask yourself why you are feeling low. Is there a specific reason for your sadness? Are you lacking in certain nutrients? Are you feeling a little insecure about something in your life? 


Once you know what might be causing your low mood, you can actively work to address it. To take an example, if you are lacking in certain nutrients, you can look into supplementing with vitamins. If you are feeling insecure, you can try to work out why you feel this way and then seek support from those around you. And if you are feeling sad for no reason, you can learn how to be grateful for your life again.

Reward yourself with something you love

Sometimes, we are so focused on getting things done that we forget to reward ourselves for our progress on our goals. This can mean we feel a little down as we notice our productivity dwindling. If you feel like this is happening to you, remind yourself to reward yourself. Whether you feel like you’ve had a productive day or not, make sure you reward yourself with something you love. 


This way, you can ensure that you feel positive and productive — even when your productivity is slightly lower. What can you reward yourself with? It can be almost anything, but it is best if it is something that feels special and positive for you. For example, you might want to reward yourself with a bubble bath, cuddling up with your pet, or a trip to your favorite cafe.

Help others

When we are feeling low, it can be tempting to shut ourselves off from the world and try to ignore all of our problems. However, one of the best ways to lift your mood if you are feeling sad is to help others. Whether volunteering, helping a friend, or even smiling at a stranger, helping others can be a great way to get yourself out of a low mood. It can also teach you much about gratitude and what you have in your life, which can be useful if you feel insecure. 


It can also be a great way to release any pent-up frustrations you might have. It is important to remember that helping others should not be used as a form of self-punishment. It should be about helping other people and not fixing your problems if you are trying to lift your mood.

Plan your day ahead

Sometimes, the productivity slump is simply because you have too much on your plate. When you have a lot of tasks to take care of, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed and like you don’t have enough time to do everything you need to do. If this is the case, try to organize your schedule so you have less on your plate. However, even when you have less to do, it can be tempting to procrastinate or let the day slip away without doing any productive work. 


This means that you might have plenty of hours in the day but no real work to fill them with. If this is happening to you, try and plan your day. This will help you to avoid procrastination and to make sure that you are getting things done.


We conclude on the article of ‘6 Tips to Fight the Winter Blues’. Feeling low can make it easy to feel like you have nothing to offer the world. However, you can get through even the worst moods and regain your productivity. In this blog post, we shared six tips on how you can get back on track and hope you seek this article in times when you want to help yourself but don’t know how.

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