What do you do in your spare time? Well, most people end up scrolling their smartphone screens. According to a study, an average person spends daily 4 hours on their smartphone. What if I say that you can use your spare time to make money? So, suppose you are a student, a housewife, or someone who wants to add more figures to your bank balance. In that case, you are at the right place because today, in this article, I have curated a list of the 7 best money earning apps in India that I found helpful in quick and easy ways of earning money online.

It is no hidden secret that there are many proven ways available online that can be used to earn money, and you would wonder how people are using their spare time to make money without giving much time. Yes, you heard it right; there are many apps available on the play store or websites that pay you money when you use those apps.

Based on my experience and google ratings & user reviews, I found some top apps which can make your online earning journey easy and hassle-free. So, let’s get started.


Binomo is a simple stock trading application where you can earn money by your predictions only. If you have a little knowledge about stock and trading, it can be a perfect platform for making money online. After signing up on Binomo, you get some amount that can be used to learn to trade on this app. It has become the most popular app in India where you can earn money in very little time. However, it is a binary trading app, so some risks can persist.  


Do you love to teach students but don’t know where to start? So now it is easy to become an online tutor with WONK online teaching platform.

Wonk is India’s largest online tutoring app where you can start earning money without any investment. Here, you can teach students from KG to 12th standard. On wonk, you can earn up to 500 to 1000 INR per hour. As this app also provides flexibility, so it becomes a lucrative side hustle way to make money.


Meesho is the most trending app nowadays in India. It provides a platform where anybody can resell products and earn money by the commission on every product. If you have an entrepreneurial spirit, you can also start your own small business, which can be your primary income source. Whether you are a housewife or student, if you are looking for a flexible option to make money without investing a single penny, Meesho can be one of the best money earning apps in India.


Dream11 is the most popular and trending app in the field of fantasy sports. Here you can make teams of different games like cricket, football, basketball, etc., and if you win, you can earn money with this app. You only have to give time to making teams only. It’s easy to nail the platform by some planning and execution-only. You can also earn money by referring to this app.


 Rozdhan is an exciting application where some exciting tasks will be given to you, and you have to complete these tasks. The lessons can be reading some news, playing some games, downloading other apps, and many more. You can credit your earned money directly in your Paytm wallet.


Do you like to play games online? If yes, then LOCO is the best application for earning money by playing simple games and quizzes. This app generates revenue by live streaming games. Here you can earn money not only by playing but also by watching other player’s games. This platform was designed in India for the Indian gaming community only, making it the best money earning app in India.


This can be a facile and handy app for persons who love to write. On Nblik, you can post your articles, stories, and ideas. This app helps you in generating engagement on your posts. The earning depends on engagement on your posts which is redeemable in your PayTM account easily. So, this is the best earning app in India for writers, among all other apps, which makes your earning hassle-free. There are some other platforms for writers which you should explore if you want to earn money online in India.

Pros and Cons of these money earning apps in India

Although these online ways to earn money in India are emerging and gaining popularity day by day, it can sometimes be an arduous task to earn money from these apps. These apps provide flexibility, freedom, a user-friendly platform, and safety & security features. From these apps, you can make without investing your money in your spare time.

But sometimes, tasks provided by these apps can be tedious to complete, time-consuming, and require intense participation from the user, which may disappoint you initially. 

So, if you are looking for a way to foster your passive income by spending very little time, you can give a shot to these apps as the apps are tested and available from trusted sources.

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