Best Long Graduation wishes for your daughters- Best graduations wishes of 2023

Graduation of your daughter comes with a lot of mixed feelings, where a parent is happy to see their daughter graduating but also sad that their baby isn’t a baby anymore. Quite a chance where your kid quickly decides to move out for further studies or career. However, this moment is special for them and making them feel the happiest is most important. Here’s a collection of the best long graduation wishes for your daughters to share in 2023. 

Best Long Graduation wishing messages for daughter

– Dear daughter, you won’t believe how happy I am to hear the news of your graduation. This is the dream that your mother/father and I always saw together, to see you in that beautiful graduation dress. And now that you’ve fulfilled our expectations, I heartily congratulate you on this big day of yours.

– To my sweet little princess who isn’t little anymore, I’m thrilled to hear the good news of your graduation and that you’ve passed with outstanding merit. Words will be less to express how I feel, it’s a mixture of happiness and worry. Happiness for your success and I’m worried about your upcoming life. I know you’re smart and bold enough to get through anything that might come your way. Lots of love.

– To my dear daughter, how happy I am to pronounce that you’ve graduated! My little princess has achieved her dream and now she’s ready to face life. No matter how big and successful you get in life, you’ll always be my little doll and I’ll always pamper you for the rest of my life. Keep making me and your family proud. Congratulations!

– Congratulations to our beloved daughter on this day when she has blossomed from a girl to a woman, a strong, bold, and achieving woman. I’m so proud that you’re my daughter and I will always cherish your love and respect. This was the dream that you had for a long time, probably since you went to school on the very first day. I congratulate you on having your dream fulfilled.

– Dearest daughter, after all this hard work, selflessness, and tears, you’ve proven to be the most intelligent in our family. You’ve made us proud by having such an outstanding result. We wish you a very happy graduation. You go, girl! You’ve earned it.

– To my sweet angel, you have completely been my pride and by giving us such a wonderful result, I can proudly say that you’re my brainy daughter. You’re the Apple to my pie. I love you more than anything. Congratulations dear!

– To my dear daughter, it is so wonderful to know that you have graduated. Let’s celebrate it with a bottle of champagne once I get back. I’m sorry I could not be there on your big day. But I love you and you know that. I’m so proud of you my dear. Congratulations!

– Dear daughter, congratulations on your graduation. Yesterday you were my little princess but now you’re my ambitious and bold princess. I cherish this day of your graduation. A dream that I was having, to see my daughter graduate from an auspicious University is finally a reality. I’m so proud of you, my love. Congrats!

– To my dear daughter, it’s such an overwhelming moment for our family to see you graduate. I can’t wait to meet you and then we will celebrate it wholeheartedly. Lots of love to my young lady. You’ve made us proud.

– Dear daughter, happy graduation! I wish you health and strength to face every challenge that might come your way. You’ve made your whole family proud by getting graduated from such an auspicious university with such outstanding merit. You’re our little angel who we’re very proud of. Congrats!

Best Long Graduation wishes for your daughter- greeting messages for daughter to use in 2023

– To my sweet daughter, on your graduation day, I want to tell you that this is not the end, this is just the beginning. I’m so happy for you. The best is yet to come. Congratulations!

– My sweet little princess is not little anymore. Congratulations to you on this big day of your graduation. This is the result of your hard work and your faith in yourself. You can achieve what you want. Lots of love.

– Congratulations! My sweet daughter. Today you’ve made us so proud by giving us the news of your graduation. It’s time to celebrate your hard work. You’re my wonderful girl who is going to achieve stars. You’re going to have a wonderful life, I know that for sure.

– My sweet daughter, today is the day of your graduation. Just remember that this is not the end, there is a lot for you further. A lot of excitement, experience, lessons, and much more are ahead, welcoming you with great zest. All the best my love. Congratulations on your graduation. It’s my little girl’s big day!

– Dear daughter, I’m unable to put into words how happy I am that you’re finally graduating from such an auspicious university. I’m so proud that you’re our daughter. All the best for your upcoming life. You know we’ll always be supporting you. Congratulations!

– This is the time to celebrate. You’re finally graduated! My little princess has become an ambitious woman now. I always saw my dreams through your eyes. What I couldn’t be, what I didn’t have, I want you to get everything and I’m there with you in your thick and thin. Congrats my dear!

– A degree and two happy parents. Oh, my little daughter, you don’t know how proud you’ve made us. Congratulations on your graduation. All the best!

– My sincere and loving daughter, today you’ve proved to us that you can achieve anything you want. You’ve proved that you’re knowledgeable and ambitious. With all my heart, I congratulate you on having your graduation completed. Let’s celebrate!

– From the day you learned how to walk, to now when you’re learning to move forward and achieve success in your life, I can say that I’m a proud father/mother of a proud daughter. Happy graduation my love. There is a great life ahead of you I’m sure. Enjoy your big day!

– Let’s celebrate your achievement by telling you how much you’ve made your family proud by having such an amazing merit in your graduation. My dear daughter, I congratulate you on your graduation and wish for success and health so you can achieve more milestones. Shine bright! 

Towards the conclusion

With this, we conclude on the article of ‘Best Long Graduation wishes for your Daughters’. It often happens that one single line might fail to convey our emotions properly. A long note feels heartfelt and I hope you find the best quote from the ones mentioned above. Let us know what you think about this article, write in the comments below. 

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