Writing is bliss indeed. Some people write for a living, while some do it for pleasure. Writing has the power of expression. This makes people’s opinion or knowledge known to others. Blogging is the best way to disseminate your work to people all over the world.


Blogging is very similar to an online journal which includes writing content on a variety of topics. Blogs provide an individual with the opportunity to share his/her experiences and views about the said topic. Amidst many reasons, one can blog for personal as well as professional matters and earn in both cases. But before doing it, having good knowledge about blogging is very important. If you are interested in taking up blogging as your career just like millions out there, then this article will act as a guide to let you know the basics of blogging.

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Initial Investment Required:

The only hefty investment that blogging asks from you is the passion for writing. Apart from that, you need to put in some time to write, edit, and make it a bit illustrative. Moreover, initially blogging doesn’t ask any monetary requirements from you. This is because there are various free blogging platforms available where you can come and contribute. You can also begin your venture into blogging by starting to guest post for other website and thus, develop a profile of you as a writer. Try to put in your creative mind back up with a strong vocabulary. Then add some dedication, daily writing schedules, work on creating interesting or thought-provoking content. 

Identifying Blog Sites:

First of all, one needs to know the best sites to start blogging. There are a plethora of websites which make satisfying your blogging needs easier. Just knowing how to begin with it, and understanding the essential shall be sufficient for that purpose. Mentioned below are some well-known blog websites which are great for all sorts of bloggers. 

  • wordpress.org – Best for self-hosted blogs.
  • wix.com – Best for small websites.
  • thebloggermonks.com – Best for Aspiring Writers and Beginners.
  • joomla.com – Best for technically advanced users.
  • medium.com – Best for business blogs.
  • squarespace.com – Best for e-commerce.                                     

 Identifying niche:

A lot of people are opting blogging as full-time work. It is now emerging as the best career option these days. People are sick and tired of the mundane jobs that they have been doing for years and need some relaxation. Corresponding which some pursue blogging as a part-time profession while some who are passionate about it go on to quitting their jobs and doing it as a full-time profession. It is convenient as you have a flexible schedule and freedom of choice.

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Money making opportunities:

Blogging generates a wholesome amount of income ranging from INR 5000 to INR 50,000 or even more. Nothing is stable. With time it may increase or decrease depending on the number of reads, likes and comments. Being consistent with your blogs and always catching the eyes of the readers ensures you good money. Even starting with writing for somebody else’s blog page can help you earn as well. Being able to generate traffic on your blog is the most important concept in blogging. For the same, many bloggers put in a lot of money into marketing. But remember, if your content is strong, then you might not need to promote it. People will definitely land over your blog to gain some knowledgable insights. 

However, you can get yourself registered with affiliate marketing, freelancing opportunities, and also internships in content writing so as to be able to make some small rewarding amount for yourself. This is a field where your creativity and ability to deliver the content effectively matters.

Blogging ideas and topics:

Blogging does not bind scribblers to a particular topic. There are plenty of options to blog about. It just depends on the liking of the Target audience and the trend in the market for which deep research is a must. Using photographs along with content tends to engage more people to read your blogs. 

If you are still struggling for a topic to write on, then here are some evergreen topics which never go out of style:

  • Travel Blogs- Consists of information about a Destination or Place.
  • Food Blogs- Gives information about various dishes and recipes.
  • Fashion Blogs- Informs about fashion trends in the market. 
  • Fitness Blogs- Covers health and workout based information.
  • News Blogs- Gives information about local, national and international affairs.
  • Technical Blogs- They speak volumes about everything training technical topic, updates and technological advances of the recent market.
  • Literature Blogs- They mostly focus on poems and articles regarding the literature. Mainly done by people who are aspiring writers and aim to showcase their pieces of work to the world. Such blogs are not only fascinating to read, but also aim to boost other aspiring writers to begin their own venture into blogging.

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Digital Marketing of Blogs:

It is very important to let people know about your blog. Advertising and promoting your blog is a must. That’s where digital marketing steps in. Digital marketing refers to the utilization of the internet and other digital technologies to promote services. You can connect with advertising companies who will display your website in the right places and to the right audience. Asking other famous and not so famous bloggers to promote your blog page is also a great idea. This makes interested people join in. Make sure that these promoters don’t charge a lot and also ensure the right kind of audience for the growth of your blog site. 


Blogging is a matter of personal interest and gratification. It has got various things to experience. The start might be hard, the work might seem exhausting but by the end, everything is worth the efforts. Giving up is never a solution. Believe in your blogging skills and keep working on them and polish them every time. Happy blogging!

Do share your blogging experiences, hurdles and achievements with us. And let the world know that nothing seems initially easy. It is only after a lot of obstacles that lie in the way and then direct you towards the path of success.


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