There are hundreds of unanswered questions and thousands of answers for which no question was ever posed, yet we are consumed in the whirlwind of the modern society.

1. Knowledge-oriented education system over marks oriented: 

Knowledge isn’t a display of marks or grades; it is the attainment of virtue, intelligence and understanding. Sadly we focus on the former and produce robots instead of people. 

We are all a part of a rat race, an incessant race where the criteria of winning or losing is very absurd.  The cause of which is the stress laid on proving instead of actual understanding. Just because it is fairly easy to cram things into the brain, doesn’t mean that it is actually absorbed. 

The importance given to marks sizzles up a chain of events – better the marks, better the college correspondingly better the job but it isn’t realized that the by-product of this entire process is a hollow person. Running after something, a herd, same programmed brains, same goal, no uniqueness, that is what the current system produces.

A Major part of what students study is forgotten by the time the results are out. This is because all that is told just doesn’t seep in. Excellence doesn’t lie in marks, it is defined by unordinary. The students and the system both strive for marks rather than actual learning. The effect of which is fairly evident, the students fail to secure jobs or hold onto one.  

Undoubtedly, knowledge is essential for the journey of life, but marks shouldn’t be a parameter. Knowledge can be evaluated through multiple other avenues which aren’t numerical. It should be such that it caters and cultivates the interests and capabilities of an individual.

At the end of the day, the skills derived from knowledge count because education and marks are all the same. 

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2.  Careers happens only in Engineering, Sciences and Medicines:

The fork of choosing stream and career is a juncture in life through which everybody has to go. Needless to say, the majority of Indian parents are hard believers that a career outside engineering, sciences and medicines, isn’t worth it. 

To say it in the least words, it’s a sham. There’s a lot more that goes beyond these areas. In the 21st century, there are a thousand more avenues to go for also new ones continue to pop up very often. 

The definition of a career shouldn’t be limited to something that gives finance but should also include happiness. When a person is pushed into certain fields just because there is a vague guarantee of stability, it doesn’t mean that it would also lead to joy and contentment. 

The choice of career is a prerogative of the person and their interests and will to succeed. There are plenty of examples where people have left their well-earning jobs in the engineering and medical sector, just because those failed to fill the void of emptiness; they went ahead to chase their passion. 

After all, it comes down to the instinctive attention and hard work one puts in to something that they really like. The parents and teachers and all the well-wishers must shake away the notion that only some fields have prosperity attached, it’s true that hard-work and ambition will always lead to greater heights wherever that maybe. 

3. Running after money and killing mental health:

There’s an old adage which says that it isn’t possible to carry our money or wealth with us to our graves and beyond; then why do we run after it so much that we forget to live?

There’s no doubt that money is indeed a differentiating factor, the world and money go hand in hand. It is indeed a priority, for nothing actually works without it but it isn’t everything. 

People who run in rich circles, wine tumblers and glass chandeliers still aren’t completely satisfied, and it is hard to understand why, as technically they have everything they could ever need and more, yet their eyes never sparkle. 

Money gives assurance but not satisfaction which is why it ranks 2nd last in Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, and is superseded by matters of the heart and mind. 

Losing yourself in the stress of earning kills peace of mind. People who have accessibility to all kinds of things still suffer from anxiety and depression; they have self-esteem problems and suicidal tendencies. The attachment to material goods fades away just like darkness does with the first ray of the sun. 

It is crucial to evaluate our priorities and its repercussions before setting out on something or somewhere, where the path to return is obscure. 

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4. Addressing prevalent issues:

There are topics which need to be vocalized sooner than later, for, without a proper solution, the future is bleak. This statement applies to every area of a man’s social, professional and private life. 

There’s so much truth ignored for reasons known yet beyond understanding. Taking the instance of red-taping and nepotism, while the words are mostly linked with various industries like Bollywood. It isn’t untrue that these methods of dominance exist in many such institutions, with journalism being one such area. These practices will continue only till they are covered under the cover of lies.

 Another area to be paid more heed to is the abuse of women and children, it is a gory reality, and the institutions that ensure safety can only help if the existence of the threat is clear. The wheel of legalities will move only when it is rolled from the hill. The people, the victims, have to speak up only then a momentum of justice is created. Abused shouldn’t be shamed, the abusers should be, and the public needs to understand it soon.

One more such menace is the tentacles of fake news and misinformation that the public is naively fed on a daily basis. Such half-truths rear up troubles. It creates rift in the diaspora. 

It is rightly said that ‘ignorance is bliss’ but it is a fact that extreme ignorance isn’t worth the heavy headaches.

5. Losing morale’s in the quest of earning:

The world is a loud buzz, in the beginning, it seems pleasant, then it starts to become intolerable, further, it starts getting onto the nerves, and finally it is downright irritating and one feels like running away. 

This feeling is relatable. We all are hamsters running on the wheels but we are bound to get tired too. At such a moment, nothing seems pleasant, and we lose focus. Running after money to lose your peace of mind isn’t a good bargain. The money will flow away like the wind if one takes ill. 

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This situation is more prominent in workplaces – slugging day and night. With one day a week that is also lost in chores, there is no space for recreation or rejuvenation. A person can work efficiently if there is a freshness of mind. 

In times like these, it is up to the boss to create an environment that suits both financial and refreshment needs, for what use is a tired brain! It is also necessary for the people to understand that nothing is worth effecting mental peace and the passion towards work; all that’s needed are frequent time intervals. 


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