This article is for all the wanderlusts out there who love travelling and capturing those moments in the form of pictures and videos to upload on their Instagram handles. They often lack enough ideas with good travel captions. This article consists of some great travelling quotes that can be captions for Instagram pictures. Read our second article on ‘The Best 25 Travelling Quotes For a Wanderlust Soul To Read In 2023’ and use them on your Instagram right away. 

They can work with a variety of pictures and can be used as captions for your travel posts. Give them a read and choose the one you find appropriate.

Some more quotes to awaken the vagabond in you:

  1. A rainy day at the beach is better than a sunny day at the office.

  2. The best view comes after the hardest climb.

  3. Of all the books in the world, I find the best stories between the pages of a passport.

  4. Don’t follow the maps, follow your impulses.

  5. Even a journey of thousand miles begins with a simple step.

  6. Each travel is a new story yet to unfold. Don’t go only for social media reasons!

  7. These are not the travel tickets, they are my ticket to freedom!

  8. You need to go out, take a random flight to an unknown destination and let things happen.

  9. If ever there will be a biography made on you, let’s hope it is full of adventures.

  10. You get wings once you go out of your comfort zone and start exploring.


Our quotes don’t just end here:

  1. Fall in love with movement, every corpse is still.

  2. Let those waves tell you a new story at every splash.

  3. Mountains never call you, it is your heart that needs a little break.

  4. A train to your favourite place is a journey in itself.

  5. Look at that smallest lane of an unknown country, yes you would have missed this if you were not here.

  6. Travel so much that you can conjure up a whole new world for a blind person.

  7. Click pictures of the silliest thing when you’re travelling, they are an important chapter of your tale.

  8. You can count all the moments of your life but the happiest ones will be the one when you travelled.

  9. Looking at those mighty mountains or the deepness of the sea, you’ll realize how minute your problems are.

  10. You aren’t courageous if you haven’t been at the edge of the cliff and heard your echoes.

  11. Walking through the jungle has made them realise that there was a world of creatures who were better than humans.

  12. There was a whole new world out there that I refused for some stupid idiots whom I considered as my world.

  13. Finding the love of your life as a travelling enthusiast is the biggest blessing you can get.

  14. Let the time stop as you’re feeling the salty breeze brush past you and say something in your ears.

  15. You can dive deep into the ocean or from the sky, only to realize that you felt much alive at that time.


Hope you liked our second part on ‘The Best 25 Travelling Quotes For A Wanderlust Soul To Read in 2023’. We have more lined up soon. 

However, on a side note, take some detox with the help of nature and meet new people. Not just for the social media, but to feed your own soul, to heal and to revive. I hope this article gives you the kick to travel and explore, live in the moments come back and use these travelling quotes as some reach boosting captions for Instagram pictures. 

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