No poetry is thoroughly complete without some Urdu words. They are like sparkling glitters in moonless nights or jolting emotions in someone who can’t feel. They add a unique essence in the poems just in a way that it’d feel very different without them. But while writing poetry, it is equally important to place the words at the right positing so as to hit the reader with the exact emotions you’re trying to convey. Dive in this article of top 50 Urdu Words to use for enchanting poetic effects to get the feel and vibe. 

Urdu words are a metaphor to magic, they strike up suddenly to your ears and you’re hit with the depth of emotion each word carries. They leave a lingering essence on your mind every time you think of them and makes you feel like hearing them again. Widely used in poems, stories, songs, and even in daily lives, they are purely royal and simply majestic. Use them often and you’ll know what we are saying.

So here are top 50 Urdu words to use for enchanting poetic effects with their meanings.

Words to describe a person

  1. Mahjabeen- Used to describe a beautiful face and is given the metaphor of the moon. Someone who’s face is moon-like.
  2. Gamgheen- to describe a person full of sadness, heartbroken, mourning, or sorrowful.
  3. Inayat- is a word similar to giving something in the form of blessing. Used to describe a person who is in your life by the grace of God. 
  4. Raqeeb- Your competitor is your ‘raqeeb’. Used for a person whom you observe as your enemy or envy him for some reason.
  5. Kashish- It is a word for showing the attractiveness of someone. An unknown energy that lures, tempts, bewitches and captivates you. 
  6. Afsurda- Used to describe a person that is depressed, saddened, low-spirited, or dejected by something.
  7. Mukabil- A person that lies in your opposition, with conflicting ideologies, and has disparity towards you.
  8. Masroof- You call a person with this word when he is busy in his work, ignorant, not attentive, and acts differently towards you. 
  9. Iztiraar- Used to describe helplessness and a feeling of being unable to wait.
  10. Tabassum- Delicate smile, the smile that is fragile, mild, and yet enchanting.
  11. Rehnuma- Someone who is a guide, supporter, backbone, and acts as your strength. 
  12. Pairahan- Used to describe the wrapping around someone’s body. A shirt, cloth, wrapping, or a cape.
  13. Rukhsaar- A word used to denote cheeks. 
  14. Rashq- Intense envy, grudges, bitterness, resentment towards someone is described by this word. 
  15. Kehkashaan- Used to describe galaxies. Another adjective that ‘kehkashaan’ represent is a collection of stars.
  16. Muqaddas- Something that is divine, holy, or blessed. A person can come as a divine giving and is described with this word. 

Words to describe an event

  1. Mukhtasar- For the events that are brief and short. A meeting that is concise and succinct.
  2. Maazarat- Describes apologies, regret, and a feeling of being sorry.
  3. Wabasta- Related, connections, linkage, couple, affiliation, and correlation describing word.
  4. Ehtijaaz- Remonstrate, complain, protest, anti-party rallies to approve some meaning, creating issues with protest.
  5. Hafeeza- Protector, guardian, warden, custodian, and defender are some of the synonyms of this word.
  6. Maikada- ‘Mai’ stands for alcohol and ‘Kada’ is similar to ‘Khana’ or a place. So basically this word describes a bar where alcohol is served.
  7. Tasavvur- Describes imagination or an event that is imaginary. Related word: Takkhayal.
  8. Mauquf- Interruption, sabotaging work, halting or delaying the work. It also refers to suspension or postponing.
  9. Miqdar- Used to denote something in proportion or measurable amount. Other adjectives include section, quota, sector, share, and percentage.
  10. Muntazir- Describes someone who is waiting, anticipating, ready in terms of meeting someone.
  11. Mojaza- For an event that occurs like a miracle, supernatural phenomenon or simply conjures up.
  12. Farozaan- Used to describe something that is luminous, radiant, dazzling, shining, and bright.
  13. Ibrat- A word of advice, caution, warning, admonition, lecture, criticism, and reproach are all the synonyms of this word.
  14. Tarrannum- All the words resembling this word are melody, beautiful composition, and song.


Other notable Urdu words

Often found in poems and other readable literature, these words have marked their significance already. Tell us if you’re an avid music lover and haven’t heard any of these words. Notably, Sufi songs and Qawalis feature these words often and that is how we are introduced to the divine magic that each word holds.

  1. Justajoo- Describes a curiosity or a quest for something. A person has an expedition or hunt for something he desires.
  2. Shiddat- A word to show the vehemence or intensity of something.
  3. Ehteram- Reverence or deep respect towards something or someone.
  4. Aaraish-  Something that one adorns on themselves. Decoration or ornamentation.
  5. Laarzish- A quivering movement that is involuntary. Shaking, trembling or twitching.
  6. Purjosh- Burning, fervid, fiery, impassioned torrid, warm, ardent.
  7. Zarra- Tiny particle, atom, molecule, or fragment of something. Used to denote a trivial amount.
  8. Rivaayat- tradition, practice, ceremony, rituals, and customs.
  9. Musalsal- Continuous, unbroken, uninterrupted, ceaseless, and constant.
  10. Guftagoo- Conversation, talks, discussion, gossips. Generally refers to an informal way of talking among friends or lovers.
  11. Tishnagee- Thirst, here referred in the romantic way, such as strongest of desires, longings, urges, and temptations.
  12. Hijr- This word denotes separation, estrangement, splitting, or parting from someone.
  13. Kashmakash- being in a state of dilemma or conflict, unable to choose in between two options.
  14. Rifaaqat- Used to describe friendship, companionships, and partnerships.
  15. Hikaayat- Used to describe a series of events, usually in the form of stories or tales.
  16. Khuloos- Expresses a feeling of hearty feelings. Whole-hearted, heartfelt, or deeply felt feelings.
  17. Dair-o-haram- Places to worship. ‘Dair’ symbolizes temples and the other word symbolizes mosques.
  18. Taufiq- Used to express someone or something that is a lucky blessing to us. Other words are prosperity, plentiful, success, lucky charms, etc.
  19. Tashreeh- Explanation, a word to be put forward. Referred for terms like clarification, verbal statement, judgment.
  20. Mashiyyat- Used when we want to express something as God’s wish, pleasure, will, power, etc.

So there were some of the Urdu words that are enchanting, descriptive, and can leave a lingering effect on the readers. How do you feel about them? Let us know in the comments!

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