Are you looking for websites to earn money through content writing? We understand that, as writers, you’re constantly looking for new platforms to publish your work and earn revenue from it. What if someone did all the legwork for you, compiling a list of sites to explore for some fantastic writing gigs? Continue reading to arrive at such a list. It is a list of the six best platforms to earn money through content writing in 2024 that will pay you for publishing unique, excellent content.

6 Best Platforms To Earn Money Through Content Writing In 2024

If you are a freelance writer looking for the best writing platforms, there may be a plethora of possibilities available on the internet. Additionally, it is challenging to identify trustworthy platforms.

But there’s nothing to worry about. The following list of the six best platforms to earn money through content writing in 2024 pays writers well for good content.


Among the six platforms that pay freelance writers, Zerys is an essential yet effective content planning and production tool that links independent writers and editors with companies looking for online content. It doesn’t hire or work with editors or writers. Those who sign up for the Zerys platform are known as Freelance Service Providers and are regarded as self-employed bodies.  

The client chooses the pay rate for each job. When deciding what to pay writers, clients can choose from a wide range of charges displayed on the platform. The clients can pay the writers through the PayPal account provided by the platform.

Writer Access

Writer Access is one of India’s best platforms to write articles and earn money. It offers employment to authors, editors, translators, and designers, among them 20,000 Freelancers who work remotely or on-site under the direction of team managers. 

To meet the demands of the corporate sector, Writer Access began as a content marketing company in 2005. As part of its objective to entice the best independent contractors, it is entirely transparent and offers the best rates: 70% to the talent and 30% to Writer Access. 

It monitors performance using material Analytics, which gauges how well the content works online. It regularly hosts writing contests where participants include both writers and clients. The WriterAccess Academy provides free certification for its content strategy masterclass to everyone!      

Constant Content

Constant Content is a self-served content writing platform based in Canada with an incredible roster of 100,000 authors worldwide who write on any topic and have experience in any field or speciality. 

All forms of content, including those in engineering, medicine, finance, law, real estate, dentistry, veterinary medicine, and marketing, are welcomed. Constant content writer approval procedure ensures the high calibre of the content output.  

Although the writer is allowed to choose a fee, most articles cost around 10 cents per word. Payments are made through PayPal to the account provided by the writer.  

Blogging Pro

Another reputable website to assist content writers in doing what they do best—getting paid for their writing—is Blogging Pro. Listed among the six best platforms to earn money through content writing in 2024, this website has simplified connecting writers and businesses because searching the internet for writing jobs is time-consuming. 

Brands can advertise a blogging position on their platform for a meagre monthly cost of $30. Access to the job board (and applying for these blogging gigs) is free for bloggers like you. Most of the positions mentioned on the BloggingPro job board pay well, which is one of the reasons why bloggers love it so much.

Freelance Writing Gigs

The Freelance Writing Gigs job board is one of the free platforms for money-making through content writing that is well-regarded by freelance writers worldwide.

A selection of carefully chosen blogging positions from throughout the internet is available on the Freelance Writing Gigs job board. This saves you time sorting through several job listings and lowers your risk of becoming a victim of scammers and dubious clients. 

In addition to serving as a job board, Freelance Writing Gigs is a reliable source for everything related to freelancing, including how-to articles and blogging guidance for building your blog. One benefit of Freelance Writing Gigs is that it is an entirely free platform. Additionally, you may subscribe to their newsletter to get job postings for blogging delivered right to your email.


Guru is a platform where global businesses and independent contractors can collaborate for content writing opportunities. It is a great platform to write articles and earn money in India.

Depending on the assignment, freelancers can offer a predetermined price and submit bids for long- or short-term projects. You can withdraw money using various methods, including PayPal and wire transfers. The website uses SafePay, a precaution that ensures freelancers are paid on schedule.

Guru provides a basic membership free to every freelancer who registers on this website. However, paid memberships offer additional features to make your profile stand out.

Final Thoughts

Being a freelancer is an uncertain career because you never know how much money you’ll make in a month. However, by consistently pitching on the six platforms mentioned above that pay freelance writers, you’ll attract more clients, create long-lasting writing possibilities, and make a more stable income. 

We appreciate you reading our blog, “6 Best Platforms To Earn Money Through Content Writing In 2024,” and we hope it was helpful.

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