Collection Of The Best Blogs For Travel 

Are you a wanderlust soul? If yes, then keep reading here to learn about some vibrant places that are open and will become your next best destination to travel to. Our collection of the best blogs for travel is the one you need this year. Read more in this blog which is a comprehensive collection of best travel destinations and blogs to inspire your next adventure. It includes the best time to travel, the legends, myths, and modes of transport in India and abroad. This list keeps getting bigger, so bookmark this link and visit frequently for our added tourist places. 

Collection Of The Best Blogs For Travel 

With the new year, most people try to plan their holidays. Thus, our dear readers, take inspiration from these blogs about the most off-beat places and start booking your tickets now. 

Amber Fort- A tour within the city palace of Jaipur

There are, in total, three forts within Jaipur, namely Amber Fort, Jaigarh Fort, and Nahargarh Fort, and this article will give the readers a tour of the ancient walls of Amber Fort, which is known to be one of the most visited forts of all time. 

The ‘Sila Devi’ Temple is right at the entrance to the main palace grounds. The second courtyard is famous for its ‘Diwan-i-Aam,’’ the ‘Sheesh Mahal,’ and the ‘Sukh Mahal.’’ One of the most famous attractions here is the ‘Magic Flower,’ carved on a marble panel on a pillar in the Sheesh Mahal. 

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Forts of Rajasthan- True and terrifying tales

One of the most famous stories holds that around 300 years ago, it was a prosperous village of Paliwal Brahmins. Unfortunately, it was the evil eyes of Salim Singh, the state’s powerful and passionate prime minister. He fell in love with the village head’s daughter, and he desired to marry her by force. He threatened the village with grave consequences if they disobeyed his wish.

Instead of submitting to the tyrant’s order, the Paliwals held a council. The people of the village left their ancestral homes and vanished. But this was not all; before leaving, they put a curse on Kuldhara that no one would ever be able to settle in their village. 

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Five best places to visit in Zermatt, Switzerland- Zermatt Tourism 

Various names were assigned to Zermatt earlier. People used to call it ‘Zur ma,’e,’ ‘Prabor, no,’ or ‘Prato Bo.’o.’ Zermatt appeared in the middle of the 1500s, and the name ‘preborn’ was used until 1860 canton Wallis’s Roman-speaking peoples. 

Later, the German-speaking people replaced them and renamed them ‘Zermatt,’ where ‘matt’ means valley in German. The entire place has been made a car-free zone to prevent air pollution. Zermatt is a fresh and healthy place. 

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Five interesting facts about Toowoomba: The Garden City

Toowoomba is a beautiful tourist place in Queensland, Australia. It is popularly known as ‘The Garden City.’ With a population of around 1,36,861, it lies at an elevation of 691 meters from the main sea level. There are more than 150 parks and gardens in Toowoomba, the center of Australia’s mutual and heritage bank. The celebration of the festival “Toowoomba Carnival of Flowers” is another highlight of this city.

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Best places to visit in Kufri 

It was a result of the British Government discovery in 1819 that we found this place. Though founded in 1819, this place developed as a tourist spot only 50 years ago. Previously, Kufri was a part of Nepal, but when the British found it, they made it a part of Shimla, India. Even after its inclusion in India, this place remained silent and isolated from humans until 1930. Gradually, it became a tourist spot by 1970. This tourist spot is famous for trekking. Any trekking to Manali, Shimla, or Faggu starts from here. 


Most of the places mentioned in the collection of best travel destinations and blogs to inspire your next adventure are from India and this is the best season to visit. So without any delay book your flights now!

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Best Reasons To Visit The Castle of Brissac 

The Castle of Brissac stands high with seven stories and consists of 104 rooms, undoubtedly making it the tallest building in France. Many tourists visit this place every year. The best part of all is that tourists have an option to stay overnight in the hotel.

The castle is situated in the Lorre Valley of France and was used for the celebration of the Brazilian magazine “Cara’s.” One of the most famous festivals, the Val de Lorre festival celebrations, occurs here. It was also given for the Battle of Iron Chef France in the 1990s.

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Best Haunted Attractions 

Situated in Gwangju, Gonjiam is the third most haunted place in South Korea. Gonjiam was a mental asylum that was closed back in the 1990s. There were many reasons for completing it, but one of the most well-known reasons is the poor sanitary conditions provided to the people there. The other one quoted the significant number of deaths during the last ten years before its closure.

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Planning To Book Your Tickets?

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Does It End Here?

No, this collection of best travel destinations and blogs to inspire your next adventure from The Blogger Monks will keep expanding as and when new blogs are added. This ever-growing list is your passport to unique experiences. Bookmark it now, and let the wanderlust guide you! We hope our collection helped you seek hidden gems for your next adventure!

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