So what exactly is happiness? Many definitions will indicate happiness as a feeling or showing pleasure or contentment. If life was a fairytale then in the end no matter the hurdles that came our way, we would eventually achieve this happiness. However, life is neither as bright as shown in fairytales nor is it as dark as moonless nights. There are a lot of reasons to be happy but even more reasons that make us unhappy. Here are some top reasons why you’re feeling unhappy! Read on to know more!

These are the top reasons why you’re feeling unhappy!

We always want happiness which is why even the slightest inconvenience that we face makes us unhappy giving us far more reasons to be sad. The complexity of understanding life is often a reason for our unhappiness. Life is somewhere in between two extremes of feelings having their grey shades. Dive in right now to know the top reasons why you’re feeling unhappy!

Understanding ‘Reality vs Expectations

Expectations present a sugar-coated situation, something that you manifest to happen since it is comforting. But this at times can be the main cause of unhappiness. Since an escape from reality gives birth to false hopes.

Often expectations give rise to the fear of not being able to fulfil them, and the feeling like a failure or a misfit in society puts unnecessary pressure.  In short, those expectations that make us anxious and worried are simply not worth it. 

To take a step towards happiness, it is important to understand that all expectations aren’t fruitful. If certain expectations aren’t in your control to come true, then it is advisable to accept the situation. With fewer expectations, there shall be less disappointment. Let that be your ultimate goal. 


Do we accept ourselves for who we are? Having an accepting attitude allows us to enhance our perception. It helps to recognize and then deal with our problems.

So the key towards acceptance is to start focusing on what you have instead of what you wanted. Since life is unexpected, the things that don’t go according to our plan, are in themselves plans towards something better. 

Understand that you cannot control everything

Knowing what we can control is the key. It’s often the case that we cannot control the actions of others. We have power over our actions and reactions. People and situations are not going to act according to our will, however, the way we choose to respond to them is completely in our hands.


Nothing is as powerful as fear which can hold us back. The fear makes us focus on our insecurities, bringing out feelings of regret and remorse. 

Boundaries set by our fears often don’t allow us to explore the opportunities we get. We fail in understanding ourselves, creating chaotic ripples in a calm mind. 

We are confused about what we truly feel, think, and want and question our beliefs and decisions. This in return controls the fear into making us more miserable.


Before even looking at what we have, it is a natural tendency in humans to see what others have.

Comparisons are the means to seek validation and acceptance from others, where we value others’ judgment and consider it over ours. 

It can get to an extent where frequent comparisons make us question our worth and dapple with our confidence. Soon enough, our mind starts assuming the best of everyone and the worst of us, making us feel unworthy of whatever we do and affecting our mental peace. 

We tend to ignore the fact that no human is perfect and that others are also flawed in their ways. The dazzling perfections in everyone become so prominent that it leads to the development of an inferiority complex, jealousy, and bitterness. 

Towards the conclusion

Sure things get bad and ugly at times, but there are ways to overcome these phases. The idea is to drive yourself towards happiness, baby steps but consistently. 

Embrace yourself

Instead of looking at your flaws and using them to compare yourself with others, try to focus on your strengths. Also, ignoring your flaws will not help you so it’s better to recognize them and start working on them.

Take comparisons in a positive way

Making comparisons is easy but how you perceive them is tricky. Either you can be sad about the things that you lack or you can be happy with the things that you possess. Seeking validation from external sources without recognizing the person that we see in the mirror can lead to a troubled life. The best is to take comparisons positively where two people are equally skilled- and what’s not your forte doesn’t need a comparison either.  

Be the best of yourself

Life will always connect us with all sorts of people, some better some worse. What matters is how you portray yourself to fit in. Being the best in the crowd will stretch your mental peace, rather than being the best of yourself. Instead of beating ourselves for not being the best we should concentrate on learning to be ourselves.

Effects of being unhappy

It is a well-known fact that being unhappy isn’t healthy and a happy mind is the key to being a better self. 

Based on the article by Medical News Today, being unhappy not only has a mental, social and psychological impact on our lives but it becomes the main cause of all other problems that we do face regularly.

Being unhappy sabotages the way we think and behave. It clouds our sense of judgment and prevents us from acting rationally. When sad, we can only see sadness around us. 

No one likes being associated with someone who is always unhappy because it spreads negativity everywhere. Therefore being unhappy causes isolation on a social level. Unhappiness forces us to have a gloomy outlook towards life which robs us of enjoying and appreciating even the smallest joys of life.

Thus, if unhappy, it’s time to introspect the cause from within and then try to get help to overcome them. It’s never too late and good things shouldn’t take time.

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